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I am a internet scientist....
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Kirt Rik Poems

  • Paint
    trace the game
    the works of Goethe
    live in the suburb
    paint the rumba ...
  • Dream Most
    clarion the set
    pepper that
    pizza toss
    manga just exports ...
  • Universe Calls
    sycamore there it's in store
    the wire buzzes
    no more the roots get vikor
    it's just the universe ...
  • Sunshine
    quest is the party
    imagine sunshine
    players sing something mighty
    blue sky high ...
  • Unknown Zen
    the mysterious snow
    the heavens' delight
    peppering the cold ...
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Emily Dickinson Poem
No Rack can torture me
 by Emily Dickinson


No Rack can torture me-
My Soul-at Liberty-
Behind this mortal Bone
There knits a bolder One-

You cannot prick with saw-

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