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JimBarrett: "Time that is moved by little fidget wheels Is not my Time, the flood that does not flow. Between the double and the single bell Of a ship’s hour. Between a round of bells" - From "Five Bells" by Kenneth Slessor (1939)

litcharts: New guide! Beach Burial by Kenneth Slessor

yindisystems: Kenneth Slessor’s “Five Bells” 1939

Dehler45: Five Bells . Nice meditative poem by Kenneth Slessor.

migrantlaw: Reading Kenneth Slessor’s Last Trams. Can anyone explain “And sickness of carbon Dying in distances” (No replies citing Star Wars please)

war_poets: 3 November 1941 Kenneth Slessor watches two captured German propaganda films in Cairo. ‘The films terrible and terrifying – designedly so, of course, since they are propaganda to cow and scare the smaller neutrals'

DuncanMcNab: Magnificent writing by Kenneth Slessor on Kings Cross (and a bit of food too..)

poetry_says: Ep 109. The frustration in Kenneth Slessor's Five Bells:

mayoshoujo: English paper: Write about Human Experiences found in Kenneth Slessor’s poetry Me: So, Kenneth Slessor was an Aries,

shayne_chester: 8. community. Most of the historic flavour expressed in the KX community have gone now, those that remain isolate or are shunned because they find no status in the new KX. Kenneth Slessor wrote about the unconformity of KX "...crowded with eccentric, extroverted or fantastic ..9

fivewalls: Or possibly this, from Kenneth Slessor:

Jen_Bennett: Just learnt Kenneth Slessor once described Melbourne as "this mastodon of bleeding stone", so sure, keep referring to Sydney as "the Bad City".

dolphinsands: Kenneth Slessor's poem Beach Burial is my refutation that there are no great war poems from the front in WW2.

kentparkstreet: The dips and molls, with flip and shiny gaze (death at their elbows, hunger at their heels) Ranging the pavements of their pasturage; You find this ugly, I find it lovely . Kenneth Slessor

AusPoetry: 'Interval' by Judith Bishop has won $30,000 Kenneth Slessor Prize for Poetry as part of the 2019 NSW Premier’s Literary Awards. Congratulations, Judith!

RuthSkilbeck: Many congratulations to Chris Wallace-Crabbe AM shortlisted for the Kenneth Slessor Prize for Poetry in the NSW Premier's Literary Award 2019. An extract from Chris Wallace-Crabbe's epic poem The Universe Looks Down is in the Jan-March issue of Arts Features International.

UTSAnthology: RIP Les Murray. Here he is in 2010, as UTS CAL writer in residence, talking Kenneth Slessor “and all other manners of things.” Les Murray in conversation with John Dale and Delia Falconer

TalkyTurkey: Two Chronometers by Kenneth Slessor

oberonsghost: I never realised, how much Kenneth Slessor's poem of the battle of El Alamein, "Beach Burial," evokes this part of...

SOYoungWriters: Our 15-18 year old young writers are finding their own poems using words from Kenneth Slessor's 'Winter Dawn' ☃️â„️...

WiltshireYT: I now have a PO box! It's mostly for products being sent to me to review. BUT, if you want to send something to me,...

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