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Keanu Reeves Books, Keanu Reeves poetry book Ode to Happiness Authors: Keanu Reeves, Alexandra Grant
Publisher: Steidl Dap
Published Date: 2011
Categories: Art
individual artists.

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Gshuxhhgi: I like Keanu reeves movies. I metric was fantastic but John wick should have been a little more deep. John Wick was fantastic but am not that much of a fan of John Wick.
Even dooo people says the metric is fake I still like to see more...
Paula Overbey : I think Keanu Charles Reeves is a very talented actor and a be humble God fearing man he has a big heart and he deserves love and happiness. With that being said I have been a huge fan of his for 13 years and I have watched all of his movies. My only wish would be is to have keanu come visit Wichita KS, I would love to meet him before I get to old to Care about love and happiness. I hope and pray that someone reads this and possibly with the grace of God bring his presence to Wichita KS. Keanu is everything good and love and honesty.
Chass: Keanu I can't wait to watch your new movie
I love u

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Beyond the need of weeping,
Beyond the reach of hands,
May she be quietly sleeping,
In what dim nebulous lands?
Ah, she who understands!

The long, long winter weather,
These many years and days,

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