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Juliana Horatia Ewing (née Gatty, 3 August 1841 – 13 May 1885) was an English writer of children's stories. Her writings display a sympathetic insight into children's lives, an admiration for things military, and a strong religious faith.


Known as Julie, she was the second of ten children of the Rev. Alfred Gatty, Vicar of Ecclesfield in Yorkshire, and Margaret Gatty, who was herself a children's author. Their children were educated mainly by their mother, but Julie was often the driving force behind their various activities: drama, botany and so on. Later she was responsible for setting up a village library in Ecclesfield and helped out in the parish with her three sisters. Early stories of hers appeared in Charlotte Mary Yonge's magazine The Monthly Packe...
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Juliana Horatia Ewing Poems

  • Madrigal
    Life is full of trouble,
    Love is full of care,
    Joy is like a bubble
    Shining in the air, ...
  • Serenade
    I would not have you wake for me,
    Fair lady, though I love you!
    And though the night is warm, and all
    The stars are out above you; ...
  • House-building And Repairs
    Father is building a new house, but I've had one given to me for my own;
    Brick red, with a white window, and black where it ought to be glass, and the chimney yellow, like stone.
    Brother Bill made me the shelves with his tool-box, and the table I had before, and the pestle-and-mortar;
    And Mother gave me the jam-pot when it was empty; it's rather big, but it's the only pot we have that will really hold water. ...
  • Papa Poodle
    Can any one look so wise, and have so little in his head?
    How long will it be, Papa Poodle, before you have learned to read?
    You were called Papa Poodle because you took care of me when I was a baby:
    And now I can read words of three syllables, and you sit with a book before you like a regular gaby. ...
  • With A Difference
    I'm weary waiting here,
    The chill east wind is sighing,
    The autumn tints are sere,
    The summer flowers are dying. ...
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