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Joseph Warton (April 1722 – 23 February 1800) was an English academic and literary critic.

He was born in Dunsfold, Surrey, England, but his family soon moved to Hampshire, where his father, the Reverend Thomas Warton, became vicar of Basingstoke. There, a few years later, Joseph's sister Jane, also a writer, and his younger brother, the more famous Thomas Warton, were born. Their father later became an Oxford professor.

Joseph was educated at Winchester College and at Oriel College, Oxford, and followed his father into the church, becoming curate of Winslade in 1748. In 1754, he was instituted as rector at The Church of All Saints, Tunworth. In his early days Joseph wrote poetry, of which the most notable piece is The Enthusiast (1744), an early precursor of Romantic...
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Joseph Warton Poems

  • Verses On A Butterfly
    Fair Child of Sun and Summer! we behold
    With eager eyes thy wings bedropp'd with gold;
    The purple spots that o'er thy mantle spread,
    The sapphire's lively blue, the ruby's red,...
  • Ode To Music
    Queen of every moving measure,
    Sweetest source of purest pleasure,
    Music; why thy powers employ
    Only for the sons of joy?...
  • Ode To Fancy
    O parent of each lovely Muse,
    Thy spirit o'er my soul diffuse,
    O'er all my artless songs preside,
    My footsteps to thy temple guide....
  • Ode To A Lady On The Spring
    Lo! Spring, array'd in primrose-colour'd robe,
    Fresh beauties sheds on each enliven'd scene,
    With show'rs and sunshine cheers the smiling globe,
    And mantles hill and vale in glowing green....
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Ngadcartbot: john flaxman, design for the tomb of dr. joseph warton.
Book_addict: happy birthday to english writer joseph warton (april 22, 1722), author of “the enthusiast, or the lover of nature” (1744) et al.
Nuckleyb: warton, joseph (1722-1800). an essay on the genius and writings of pope. 8vo. london: w.j. & j. richardson, 1806.
Shantidaffern: this has a delightfully eighteenth-century feel. i spent ages tracking down sermon manuscripts by thomas and joseph warton and robert lowth in the bodleian just to realise how much recycling went on.
Book_addict: happy birthday to english writer joseph warton (april 22, 1722), author of “the enthusiast, or the lover of nature” (1744) et al.
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