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18th-century English literary critic Portrait (1777), oil on canvas, of Joseph Warton (1722–1800) by Sir Joshua Reynolds (1723–1792) Joseph Warton (April 1722 – 23 February 1800) was an English academic and literary critic.

He was born in Dunsfold, Surrey, England, but his family soon moved to Hampshire, where his father, the Reverend Thomas Warton, became vicar of Basingstoke. There, a f...
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Joseph Warton Poems

  • Verses On A Butterfly
    Fair Child of Sun and Summer! we behold
    With eager eyes thy wings bedropp'd with gold;
    The purple spots that o'er thy mantle spread,
    The sapphire's lively blue, the ruby's red,...
  • Ode To Music
    Queen of every moving measure,
    Sweetest source of purest pleasure,
    Music; why thy powers employ
    Only for the sons of joy?...
  • Ode To Fancy
    O parent of each lovely Muse,
    Thy spirit o'er my soul diffuse,
    O'er all my artless songs preside,
    My footsteps to thy temple guide....
  • Ode To A Lady On The Spring
    Lo! Spring, array'd in primrose-colour'd robe,
    Fresh beauties sheds on each enliven'd scene,
    With show'rs and sunshine cheers the smiling globe,
    And mantles hill and vale in glowing green....
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Queen 3 Soft 3 Nature 3 Ode 3 Spring 2 Spirit 2 Vital 2 Deep 2 Soul 2 Fresh 2

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Comments about Joseph Warton

  • Book_addict: happy birthday to english writer joseph warton (april 22, 1722), author of “the enthusiast, or the lover of nature” (1744) et al.
  • Mahomesforgoat: de:frank clark,taco charlton,shaka toney dt:chris jones,jarron reed dt:derrick nnadi,tershawn warton de:joseph ossai,ryan kerrigan lb:anthony hitchens,niemann lb:willie gay,jamin davis cb:sneed,ward,ben st.juste cb:fenton,deandre baker,troy dean iii s:thornhill,sorenson s:mathieu
  • Conbrunstrom: part 2 of joseph warton's "essay on the genius and writings of pope" came 26 years after part 1. eddie murphy has just beaten this record.
  • Sbasdeo1: joseph ritson on learning warton's history of poetry neglected old and middle english and began only in 1500s: "you, sir, once wrote a biography — did you ever think it fit to begin the subject's life at age 20?"
  • Drbeard79: this is from 1777, though, and fontenelle died in 1757, so it's very much an attribution, and the phrase is in some form of circulation, especially in literary circles, in works by thomas and joseph warton, as well as marmontel and changeux, in the mid- to late-18th century
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