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Patient satisfaction of poetry , and the love of writing ....
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  • Daily Dream
    Birds ain't the only ones , who fly ,
    My soul does too....
    The pride of walking up everyday ,still hard , unbreakable like a rock in caves .....
    No one ,no body , divines joy . ...
  • Perfection
    Perfection isn't dedication,
    That runs with the mind of education.

    The limitation it makes , ...
  • In The Cliff's
    Death be traveling in the mountains ,
    I couldn't hide my head .
    I got hit so hard ......
  • Rain Dream
    I sit and look out , when the
    Rain wash it out ,
    Water flareded out ,
    My dreams crushed out ..... ...
  • I Wish , I Had .
    I stood and looked out ,
    From the gates of heaven ,
    Where the souls of our:
    Brothers , sisters , mothers and fathers , ...
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