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  • Sing Something Sweet
    Prythee, sing something sweet to me-you that can play
    First and second at once. Then I too will essay
    To croak on the pipes: and yon lad shall salute
    Our ears with a melody breathed through his flute. ...
  • Hylas
    Not for us only, Nicias, (vain the dream,)
    Sprung from what god soe'er, was Eros born:
    Not to us only grace doth graceful seem,
    Frail things who wot not of the coming morn. ...
  • The Battle Of The Bards
    Goats, from a shepherd who stands here, from Lacon, keep away:
    Sibyrtas owns him; and he stole my goatskin yesterday.
  • A Statue Of Figwood
    For yon oaken avenue, swain, you must steer,
    Where a statue of figwood, you'll see, has been set:
    It has never been barked, has three legs and no ear;
    But I think there is life in the patriarch yet. ...
  • For A Tripod Erected By Damoteles To Bacchus
    The precentor Damoteles, Bacchus, exalts
    Your tripod, and, sweetest of deities, you.
    He was champion of men, if his boyhood had faults;
    And he ever loved honour and seemliness too....
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