Who is John Skelton

John Skelton may refer to:

John Skelton (poet) (c.1460–1529), English poet.

John de Skelton, MP for Cumberland (UK Parliament constituency)

John Skelton (died 1439), MP for Cumberland (UK Parliament constituency)

John Skelton (American football) (born 1988), American football quarterback

John Skelton (sculptor) (1923–1999), letterer and sculptor

John Skelton (artist) (1925–2009), Irish artist

John Skelton (author) (1831–1897) Scottish lawyer, historian, biographer, literary correspondent and writer on social problems

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John Shelton (disambiguation)...
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John Skelton Poems

  • Womanhod Wanton Ye Want
    Womanhod wanton ye want.
    Youre medelyng mastres is manerles.
    Plente of yll of goodnes skant.
    Ye rayll at ryot recheles. ...
  • Of All Nacyons Vnder The Heuyn
    [Skelton Laureate agaynste a comely Coystrowne that curyowsly chawntyd And curryshly cowntred, And madly in hys Musykkys mokkyshly made, Agaynste the .ix. Musys of polytyke Poems & Poettys matryculat.]

    [Of all nacyons vnder the heuyn]
  • A Prayer To The Father Of Heaven
    O radiant luminary of light interminable,
    Celestial Father, potential God of might,
    Of heaven and earth O Lord incomparable,
    Of all perfections the essential most perfite ! ...
  • A Ballad Of The Scottsysshe Kyne
    Kynge Jamy, Jomy your joye is all go.
    Ye summoned our kynge. Why dyde ye so?
    To you no thyng it dyde accorde
    To sommom our kynge your soverayne lorde. ...
  • With Lullay, Lullay
    With lullay, lullay, like a child,
    Thou sleepest too long, thou art beguiled!
    "My darling dear, my daisy flower,
    Let me," quoth he, "lie in your lap." ...
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