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Jennalynn88: john podhoretz on a movie made for moviegoers review: 'john wick: chapter 4'
Radical__middle: john podhoretz back at it review: 'john wick: chapter 4'
Chrisstirewalt: yadda, yadda, yadda, then john got arrested.
Datdudemn: “by attempting to use mob action to change the rules of the very game they would happily have endorsed had the election results gone their way, it is the protesters who are seeking extra-democratic change, not the government.”
Commentary: the judicial reforms as they are (at this writing) constituted have kept the government on the back foot and on the defensive, which just makes the protesters taste the blood of their enemies in the water and only encourages them to continue. read more:
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Three men I saw beside a bar,
Regarding o'er their bottle,
A frog who smoked a rank cigar
They'd jammed within its throttle.

A Pasha frog it must have been
So big it as and bloated;
And from its lips the nicotine

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