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  • You Know What I Mean
    I've noticed this happen, when everything is black,
    When I'm down below zero and cannot get back,
    When I feel like a sort of a National Debt,
    That will go on for ages and never be met, ...
  • The Whitest Man I Know
    & R. Fenton Gower

    He's acruisin' in a pearler with a dirty nigger crew, ...
  • Orange Peel
    & Cuthbert Clarke

    The colonel stopped, and glared around, ...
  • My Old Football
    & Cuthbert Clarke

    You can keep your antique silver and your statuettes of bronze, ...
  • Merchandise
    & Eisie April

    Dedicated, by gracious permission, to H.R.H. THE PRINCE OF WALES
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Life 4 Talk 3 Alone 3 Smile 3 Broken 2 Plain 2 Strong 2 Wide 2 Thought 2 Beneath 2

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Melville And Coghill - The Place Of The Little Hand
 by Andrew Lang

DEAD, with their eyes to the foe,
Dead, with the foe at their feet;
Under the sky laid low
Truly their slumber is sweet,
Though the wind from the Camp of the
Slain Men blow,
And the rain on the wilderness beat.


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