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FinnVonFritter: on Halloween, president Shania Twain appointed John Mayer to the head of skis and the curious people are heavy

WUMLNowPlaying: John Mayer Trio — Good Love Is On the Way (Live In Concert)

OnVolareNow: John Mayer - Who Says

historyhits124: John Mayer - I’m On Fire (Springsteen Cover)

Karchedon: Jacob Collier - Never Gonna Be Alone (feat. Lizzy McAlpine & John Mayer)...

SefaGH: John Mayer Sob Rock album is one of his best albums

kzyrsong1: Playing Come to Bed by John Mayer

webcomradio: Now playing on webcomradio: Badge And Gun by John Mayer! Tune in now at

ADLWebRadio: Now Playing: John Mayer - Gravity Listen Live:

cuco_radio: John Mayer - Slow Dancing In A Burning Room

securenet: John Mayer - Say What You Need To Say

vnasteaaa: if John Mayer is single and I’m single I just don’t understand why we can’t be dating???

ChipMcDrip: How tf does John Mayer do that!?!??

c9nv0us: spill lagu favorit kalian! me: gravity by john mayer

kzyrsong1: Playing Wild Blue by John Mayer

fleurypages: it’s my bf’s birthday tomorrow and i got him a record player with a john mayer vinyl best gf award goes to me thnx

spoookyscone: this might be toxic of me but I really wanna see john mayer cover dear john

_springequinox: john mayer memang~

Damusicmessiah: This thread perfectly sums up why I admire and stan John Mayer. However, people often overlook the brilliance of his fifth (and arguably his best) album, "Born and Raised".

ConvergeDownto1: Leon Bridges & John Mayer - Inside Friend

bot_robe: Teleported onto a model by stylish Lucas Murray for John Mayer. Burnished brown polyester monk's robe.

ziamsmiles1: John Mayer (close personal friend of Shawn’s) and Rolling Stone magazine has also Liked Shawn’s post.

DonELichterman: JamFest is playing (

PDDariel: Gravity by John Mayer

HuaBeatrix: Carry me away- John Mayer

mary_machine: I had a dream john mayer tipped me off to a nuclear attack on America, which lead me to supply and help young women and children to a bomb shelter… idk happy monday

claytondejillas: john mayer was wrong. wanting more isn't the only thing that can send me to my knees

jblaster2018: Jacob Collier - Never Gonna Be Alone (feat. Lizzy McAlpine & John Mayer) [Official Lyric Video] "You never be alone, because we're connected."

niconicotina_: álbuns que consigo ouvir direto sem pular faixa: face value - phil collins hello i must be going - phil collins sob rock - john mayer alone at prom - tory lanez a trick of the tail - genesis invisible touch - genesis plastic beach - gorillaz

cuco_radio: John Mayer - Waiting On The World To Change

DerekWinnert: Feuding MGM studio boss Louis B Mayer did all he could to sink the career of John Gilbert, spreading the untrue malicious rumour that silent star's voice was `high and feminine’ in sound movies.

RadioShamrock: John Mayer - Carry Me Away

PZofija: John Mayer - New Light (Official Audio)

securenet: John Mayer - Free Fallin' (Live)

Docroc131: John Mayer - Til the Right One Comes (Official Audio)

radiocalabriafm: John Mayer - Love on the weekend

mldykrive: today's song ; You're Gonna Live Forever in Me by John Mayer

JordanMutz: Gravei John Mayer

jayctigerfan: john mayer’s first four albums are all so sublime. he just nails it all: heartbreak, nostalgia, death, instability, infatuation, meaning (or lack thereof), family, love, regret, confusion, the joys of simplicity—i could go on interminably. i appreciate his musicianship so much.

CharleyBurt1: ©John Mayer sings American Pie (HD)

slutshank: i want to overshare. i waxed and shaved my entire body when i went to john mayer’s concert in 2019 in case i was gonna get railed by him backstage

pcpeay: I feel like John Mayer and Usher had the same career... First 4 albums were legendary... then after that, struggle bus city.

Mayerislife: this still rings true, John Mayer over everyone.

kirstofcomms: I absolutely do not believe in the concept of a 'guilty pleasure' (it's pleasure! Don't feel guilty about it, you repressed loser!) but I always feel I have to explain at length why I like John Mayer

lo0selucy: and john mayer was never the same

Sobsrocx: If I could dream, I wish Kim Taehyung could make music with John Mayer, Bruno Major, Billy Joel, Alicia Keys, Giveon, or Matt Maltese.

ragnvinzr: Weeknd John Mayer Ed Sheeran NIKI Bruno Mars Louis Tomlinson Drake Dua Lipa Halsey Rihanna Mariah Carey Celine Dion

chrisbrownbeard: watching John Mayer’s “Where the Light” Is never gets old

AMDGAlex: More and more these days, John Mayer groove-like guitar solos hit me like a fine wine, an aged whiskey, a robusto on a quiet night. Just every nice and good dream I see, coming out to play.

MilazzoMatt: Alicia Keys & John Mayer - If I ain't got you - Gravity (Better audio qu...

BadgeJack: Subtlety taking over the music and introducing my family to the real John Mayer

kawaragui: Weeknd John Mayer Justin Bieber NIKI Charlie Puth Martin Garrix Drake Dua Lipa Halsey Britney Spears Mariah Carey Celine Dion

baihaki11886675: Featured Art of the Day: "John Mayer". Buy it at:

_TreyWarren: Yes, John Mayer was wearing a $500,000 watch tonight.

gssantiago_14: good love is on the wayy- mr john mayer

securenet: John Mayer - Free Fallin' (Live)

RadioBeccles: John Mayer - Waiting On the World to Change

jeninirubyjanek: hays i love you john mayer ♥️

sklet0ns: The Weeknd John Mayer Justin Bieber Olivia Rodrigo Bruno Mars Martin Garrix Drake Dua Lipa Halsey Rihanna -

chipchromelove: this cafe has only been playing john mayer & novo amor and im not complaining

kpfcradio: John Mayer - Last Train Home

ZenAdamy: Watching John Mayer makes me think about how I too could have been an immensely exaggerated douchebag… and everyday, I am thankful I chose a day job…

davidtrigla: David Trig Making a JOHN MAYER TYPE SONG from SCRATCH

musicphanatic: The Question by Emery Heavier Things by John Mayer Yet by My Epic Peripheral Vision by Turnover The Civil Wars by The Civil Wars Antifogmatic by Punch Brothers The Peace of Wild Things by Paper Route Fantasize by Kye Kye

b_crespo0821: This will be the only time I tweet something like this after a while buut… I just want to listen to John Mayer with somebody while laying down! Likeee that’s it

_Hits_music_: Listen the best music. Now Love on the weekend - John Mayer on

iherb12voucher5: “And I start sleeping and dreaming and I think I’ll dream about you all through the night.” – John Mayer *&*~IHERB

TWarpocket_25: John Mayer is an octopus


lo0selucy: in my john mayer era aka playing microsoft flight simulator

JameyPileggi: I forgot how good John Mayer was

Jaecoustic_: - John Mayer Ed Sheeran NIKI Charlie Puth - Lil Wayne - - Rihanna Mariah Carey Celine Dion

vj_opiyapron: John Mayer - You're Gonna Live Forever in Me (Audio)

ponderthisdick: i wonder if john mayer hates his song Gravity as much as i do

cirrkus: Singer and Songwriter John Mayer Signs with CAA for Representation...

WUMLNowPlaying: John Mayer Trio — Good Love Is On the Way (Live In Concert)

NoMoPartiesInNJ: John Mayer x Something's Missing for the acoustics

etherealbagel: why does john mayer suck I CANT HAVW SHITNIN THIS HOISEM

securenet: John Mayer - Say What You Need To Say

_misslovato: i didn’t know demi and john mayer wrote world of chances together wowey

andrewteshera: If you can picture the visual that John Mayer paints on Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, you’ll realize what a brilliant songwriter he is. In retrospect he’s actually massively underrated, his discography has an insane number of beautiful songs

FreddyJsBar: Just played Love on the Weekend by John Mayer.

Retro_Horrors: Leon Bridges - Inside Friend (Official Video) ft. John Mayer

Charsley4God: John Mayer and Keith Urban - Sweet Thing (Incredible Guitar Jam)

kzyrsong1: Playing Gravity by John Mayer

Blues_Web_radio: [QUESTION] Need help with a specific John Mayer Lick


_Hits_music_: Top Hits music. Now Your body is a wonderland - John Mayer on

TameraSykes13: Q hanging out with John Mayer.

securenet: John Mayer - Say What You Need To Say

AirCoker: Edge of desire - John Mayer

krispyweiss: Song Review(s): Dead & Company - “Deal” & “Let the Good Times Roll” (Live, July 1, 2022) Dead & Company’s latest version of “Deal” had almost everything going for it. Brisk, shuffling tempo? Check. Killer John Mayer guitar solo in which he...

friarfaithfuljj: Jeremey Camp is John Mayer for virgins

goddessshyn: perfectly lonely by john mayer has the most beautiful guitar solo

joaquinaphoenix: john mayer wrote daughters and was like yes this will rectify everything i’ve ever done

notaheather55: I’m happy for Taylor if she’s happy, but this headline is full on patriarchal bullshit, making her sound like a spinster for being *so* old getting engaged and also making it sound like a prize.

t_raboshakga: John Mayer was on another planet when he wrote gravity

kaavyya: date a tech boy? no thank you I refuse to be loved on the weekend sorry john mayer

saeraena: 17TH Song - Love on the Weekend: John Mayer

RadioShamrock: John Mayer - Carry Me Away

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