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16th/17th-century English writer, poet, dramatist, and courtierThis article is about John Lyly. For people named John Lilly, see John Lilly (disambiguation). Title page of Euphues, the book that launched Lily's writing career John Lyly (Lilly or Lylie; /ˈlɪli/; c. 1553 or 1554 – November 1606) was an English wr...
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John Lyly Poems

  • A Dittie
    Behold her lockes like wiers of beaten gold,
    her eies like starres that twinkle in the skie,
    Her heauenly face not framd of earthly molde,
    Her voice that sounds Apollos melodie, ...
  • Oh, For A Bowl Of Fat Canary
    Oh, for a bowl of fat Canary,
    Rich Palermo, sparkling Sherry,
    Some nectar else, from Juno's dairy;
    Oh, these draughts would make us merry! ...
  • Vulcan's Song: In Making Of The Arrows
    MY shag-hair Cyclops, come, let's ply
    Our Lemnian hammers lustily.
    By my wife's sparrows,
    I swear these arrows ...
  • Apelles' Song
    Cupid and my Campaspe played
    At cards for kisses; Cupid paid:
    He stakes his quiver, bow, and arrows,
    His mother's doves, and team of sparrows; ...
  • Spring's Welcome
    WHAT bird so sings, yet so does wail?
    O 'tis the ravish'd nightingale.
    Jug, jug, jug, jug, tereu! she cries,
    And still her woes at midnight rise. ...
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Song 11 Rise 7 Rose 5 Blind 5 Brave 5 Poor 5 Mother 4 Throat 4 Pretty 4 Hear 4

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  • Rollingstone: stevie wonder, elton john, billie eilish and bts are among the performers donating their time for the event, which seeks to demand accountability from world leaders on issues of poverty, climate change and the covid-19 vaccine
  • Marksav23240868: “it is far more seemly to have thy studie full of bookes, than thy purse full of money.” ― john lyly
  • Mansaghost: “the rules of fair play do not apply in love and war.”- john lyly
  • Andykesson: compare john lyly's galatea, where characters invite one another to get into the grove.
  • Freedomfriesinc: the way we tolerate cowardly leaders is perhaps our biggest problem. you can tell a courageous leader by the unpopular things they do that are right for the country. "all's fair in love and war." - john lyly (1553-1606)
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