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John Hall Wheelock graduated from Harvard University in 1908, and was class poet. As a student, he was editor-in-chief of The Harvard Monthly, and published his first work, Verses by Two Undergraduates, anonymously with his friend Van Wyck Brooks during their freshman year. In 1910, he began work with Charles Scribner and Sons and by 1947 had risen to the position of senior editor. During his career he worked with such distinguished authors as Thomas Wolfe and James Truslow Adams and is noted for discovering poets May Swenson and James Dickey.

Wheelock's published volume of Collected Works was awarded the Golden Rose by the New England Poetry Society in 1936, as the most distinguished contribution to American poetry of that year. For his work Poems Old and New he receiv...
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John Hall Wheelock Poems

  • The Unknown Belovèd
    I dreamed I passed a doorway
    Where, for a sign of death,
    White ribbons one was binding
    About a flowery wreath....
  • Nirvana
    Sleep on-I lie at heaven's high oriels,
    Over the stars that murmur as they go
    Lighting your lattice-window far below;
    And every star some of the glory spells...
  • Love Knocks At The Door
    In the pain, in the loneliness of love,
    To the heart of my sweet I fled.
    I knocked at the door of her living heart,
    “Let in-let in-” I said....
  • Life
    Life burns us up like fire,
    And Song goes up in flame:
    The radiant body smoulders
    To the ashes whence it came....
  • Exile From God
    I do not fear to lay my body down
    In death, to share
    The life of the dark earth and lose my own,
    If God is there....
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  • Fredalewkowicz: this poem! "a planet doesn’t explode of itself," said drily the martian astronomer, gazing off into the air. "that they were able to do it is proof that highly intelligent beings must have been living there." (earth by john hall wheelock)
  • Maglcale: ㅤ ㅤ when the pipings sleep, ㅤ she covered up her face and ㅤ weep. — john hall wheelock. ㅤ
  • Marcellinalaur1: mohandas mahatma gandhi, anton chekov, thomas a kempis, nikolai tolstoy, robert frost, robert louis stevenson, henry david thoreau, ralph waldo emerson, john hall wheelock, nikolai tesla, alfred noble, irwin schrodinger, charles perrault, daryl hall, dick whittington, bill gates
  • Melpryorpoetry: john hall wheelock (1886 - 1978) the undiscovered country, his poem and how the poem came about.
  • Superqueer619: horacio the handsnake - john hall wheelock
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