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  • The Brus Book X
    [Preparations for battle against John of Lorn]
    Quhen Thomas Randell on this wis
    Wes takyn as Ik her devys
    And send to dwell in gud keping ...
  • The Brus Book 18
    [Edward Bruce marches toward Dundalk; he debates whether to fight]

    Bot he that rest anoyit ay
    And wald in travaill be alway, ...
  • The Brus Book Xiii
    [Douglas's division attacks]

    Quhen thir twa fyrst bataillis wer
    Assemblyt as I said you er, ...
  • The Brus Book Ix
    [The king goes to Inverurie and falls ill]

    Now leve we intill the Forest
    Douglas that sall bot litill rest ...
  • The Brus Book Vii
    [The king escapes from the hound]

    The king towart the wod is gane ...
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  • Nancysa45944060: the garrison tapes: a john barbour film
  • Scotusnames: john barbour
  • Book_addict: happy birthday to canadian actor/script writer john barbour (april 24,1934), author of the script: “ernie kovacs: television's original genius” (1982) et al.
  • Authorsguide: my friend and client, john barbour, shares how he got to be a vibrant 88 year old man. very entertaining and worth the time to listen. enjoy!
  • Wflhealthcare: today was a great day "walking in the shoes" of john barbour, west florida's amazing radiology technologist. john's care and compassion for our patients was incredible! thank you for your commitment to the care and improvement of human life.
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