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LetstalkMovie_: Happy 47th Birthday Joaquin Phoenix!

ZhekaTyan: Happy Birthday to Joaquin Phoenix!

phoenixsgallery: “When I think about it, River introduced me to every experience that helped to form the direction I took in my life. He was always encouraging me and sharing everything he had.” — Joaquin Phoenix Happy Birthday, Joaquin!

TooFab: Happy birthday, Joaquin Phoenix!

resurrectPSH: joaquin phoenix not realising he won the Best Actor at Cannes until told is the most ridiculous idgaf moment in award-show history.

Spacereportern1: Happy Birthday, Brilliant actor Joaquin Phoenix......

FamousBirthdays: Joaquin Phoenix, star of movies like Signs and Gladiator, celebrates his 47th Birthday today!

UlteriousFilm: Joaquin Phoenix ~ YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE (2017)

joaqsoscar: joaquin phoenix chaotic montage in honour of this kings birthday today !!

AnnapurnaPics: happy birthday, Joaquin Phoenix. always a pleasure ❤️

EigafanL: Happy 47th birthday to Joaquin Phoenix

forcemarker: Just remembered Ridley Scott’s next film is about Napolean with Joaquin Phoenix and Jodie Comer

bradicpr: joaquin phoenix birthday

EvilDick18: Call her joker the way she Joaquin my Phoenix

jgmichalskinyc: I wrote out the receipt for Joaquin Phoenix’s drum machine repair order.

gjgolding: I went through the cafeteria line at the Rayburn House Office Building next to Joaquin Phoenix

junkdog69: The joker movie with Joaquin Phoenix is just a movie about what happens

sweetaidpapi: In honour of Joaquin Phoenix's birthday today, I'll watch The Master! Directed & Written by PTA

list_rock: Happy Birthday Joaquin Phoenix Born: October 28, 1974

ambrose_rock: Joaquin Phoenix.....ian howe!. .... Just ahh couple of my hater stalkers that give me dirty looks eye have other haters also!.

bummed_bunny: just remembered joaquin phoenix’s parents were members of the cult children of god

shar_ma_dhavi: Happy Birthday Joaquin Phoenix!

JacketDan: A realtor friend of mine shared this earlier and I jumped like Joaquin Phoenix in Signs

bot_discourse: uh, joaquin phoenix should’ve been batman

level22skeleton: There was no acting done in Joker (2019). Joaquin Phoenix really just did all that shit. He’s still at large

CHARLIEBOT34: My understanding of the Toy Story verse is this: The Toy Story series and it's TV specials are the Snyderverse- BvS and Justice League. Buzz Lightyear of Star Command is the Dark Knight Trilogy Lightyear is Joaquin Phoenix's Joker I won't elablrate

movieaday2021: October 28, 2021: Signs It’s Joaquin Phoenix’s birthday! Today’s movie tries to affirm the existence of god with contrivances to show that “everything happens for a reason,” but that’s cheating—these people are fictional, we know they have a god, it’s M Night Shyamalan.

MollyLoren: vincent gallo looks like rotting joaquin phoenix

t2telegraph: His name spells movie magic. Here's wishing Joaquin Phoenix many more years on the silver screen

Now_Im_Gay: Joaquin Phoenix looks unrecognizable in the upcoming Joker sequel

fbgjake: Joaquin phoenix in gladiator is one of the most down bad characters in any movie ever

everyoneisabot1: "Truth is powerful and it prevails." - Joaquin Phoenix, Argo (2012)

Bjorn_on_vinyl: Good morning, it's October 28 2021 and it's a Thursday. Here in LA, a Sunny morning for a change, very still right now, 65 degrees Fahrenheit around, 18 Celsius. I want to wish Bill Gates and Joaquin Phoenix a very happy birthday.

BecketAdams: i was told when i was younger i look like joaquin phoenix from “Gladiator.” i’m told now i look like jack black from “School of Rock,” in case you’re wondering how my self-image is going.

Rolf_Hedman: Joaquin Phoenix, skådespelaren, blir idag 47 år. "That's when we're at our best – when we support each other. Not when we cancel each other out for past mistakes, but when we help each other to grow, when we educate each other, when we guide each other to…

thoml75: Joaquin Phoenix est né un 28 octobre. Mon Top10 des films de l'acteur : 1- We own the night 2- Joker 3- Two lovers 4- The yards 5- Her 6- Gladiator 7- Les frères Sisters 8- We were never really here 9- The immigrant / To die for 10- Signs.

musicboxtheatre: See what the hype is about when the Music Box opens LICORICE PIZZA on 70MM.... John C. Reilly Saw ‘Licorice Pizza’ and Compares Alana Haim to Joaquin Phoenix: ‘Can’t Take Eyes Off Her’

HindustanTimes: The Batman: Joaquin Phoenix's Joker meets Robert Pattinson's caped crusader in fan edit, see here

SebaastianLuna: drinkin aloe vera and watchin some movie with that joaquin phoenix fella

jphoenixupdates: Joaquin’s Birthday / 2 Days to go! Joaquin Phoenix has scored incredible high grossing films throughout his career. His first being Signs ($353.3 million) and his second being Joker ($322.7 million). Donate to our fundraiser:

bot_discourse: uh, joaquin phoenix kinda looks like adam sandler

kylosbrickhouse: Forever thinking about how Adam Driver's most Oscarsy turn (Marriage Story) just HAD to be in the same year as Joaquin Phoenix's Joker. He would've gotten it if not for Joker. But sadly imho Joaquin's Oscar is probably one of the hardest of all time to argue with.

mikebirty: When someone you like tells you that their favourite movie is the Joaquin Phoenix film

Jopolkadot: Joaquin Phoenix Walk the Line Publicity 2005

Internet_Trash: True Detective Season 4 Starring: Joaquin Phoenix & Robert Pattinson. Set in 1980s New York. Directed by the Safdie brothers. This just sounds good, Someone make this happen.

AlexLewis93: Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker is cringe.

theeaglesvision: John C. Reilly Saw ‘Licorice Pizza’ and Compares Alana Haim to Joaquin Phoenix: ‘Can’t Take Eyes Off Her’: Reilly is already raving over Alan Haim's performance in Paul Thomas Anderson's new…

wtfYash_: Simping for an internet waifu and then getting betrayed- 2013 movie "Her" helped Joaquin Phoenix understand the mentality of Joker's fanbase and adequately prepare for his role in 2019 Joker.

writtenbyahmad: Matt Damon and Joaquin Phoenix were offered the roles of Ennis and Jack in Gus Van Sant’s planned adaptation of Brokeback Mountain before the project fell apart. Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Ryan Phillippe were also considered for the roles.

kevinasbell: This got me thinking… new Walking Dead spin-off— Joaquin Dead. It will center around Joaquin Phoenix as he attempts to build a tribe of post apocalyptic survivors but everybody just finds him insufferable and choose to be eaten

hanahleecook: I'm so sorry, Joaquin Phoenix in Joker doing that stuff in the bathroom was literally my little brother pretending to kamehameha me in my childhood family room

theVonWilfong: joaquin phoenix really is the best of our generation other than daniel day lewis

veIvetmoons: also one of dudes i was talking to has a joker mask like, joaquin phoenix's joker and i was just like dude watch scorsese's the king of comedy it's the same but way better

archerbujing: — gone girl (your critic paper will be bomb istg)... also black swan, shutter island, the woman in the window, joker (joaquin phoenix), a beautiful mind, the invisible man, i'm thinking of ending things.

genyafart: did you know... in order to play the role of an insane and mentally depressed person in the movie joke joaquin phoenix joined fart sauce for a month

justjustin42: “The next ‘Lost in Translation’ will be about Black Widow and Howard Stark spending a weekend together at a Sokovia hotel.” Pixar finally gets to make a gorgeous space movie, but it’s about some weird alt-reality Buzz Lightyear.

MarkPaulson7: Good morning, friends... On a lighter note, I watched the Spike Jonze movie Her (2013) *again* last night. What a thought provoking look at interpersonal relationships and love. Marvelous performances by Joaquin Phoenix, Scarlett Johansson & Amy Adams.

Chrizeh_: I’ve just seen someone say Joaquin Phoenix was a bad Joker, my moods on the ropes.

adhesivespit: not me mistaking joaquin phoenix with oscar isaac lmao

adhesivespit: this is literally joaquin phoenix yall cannot tell me this is not joker hello??

screenrant: Alana Haim is making her acting debut in Paul Thomas Anderson's Licorice Pizza, and John C. Reilly is comparing her to Joaquin Phoenix. I turned to Paul, and I was like, “You can’t take your f---ing eyes off her.”

LoganMa64473017: Joaquin Phoenix posts video of himself smelling child

JayViEye1: So after toe-dipping into the community, I am a little concerned that local Tiktok has a low-key hero-worship of Joaquin Phoenix's Joker.

Sari_Friends: It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal ♡ - Joaquin Phoenix

jphoenixupdates: Joaquin’s Birthday / 1 Day to go! Joaquin Phoenix is a huge inspiration through his activism to the exploitation that farmed animals are suffering. He has guided many of us into veganism, leading to a better future and planet. Donate to our fundraiser:

machinegrrl: I got: Joaquin Phoenix

n0thingt0c: The Shining Starring Orson Welles, Truman Capote, Jack Black, Joaquin Phoenix a host of family members and other unsuspecting victims. Part 1/ Spreckles Mansion Murders

julie_dutto: Billie Eilish and Joaquin Phoenix Among 18 Celebs Urging COP26 to Tackle Animal Agriculture’s Role in Climate Crisis

everyoneisabot1: "Follow your instincts. That is where true wisdom manifests itself." - Joaquin Phoenix, In the Heat of the Night (1967)

LoganMa64473017: Joaquin Phoenix posts video of himself smelling the patriarchy

lenacarolinag: Why does the actor who plays Richard Sackler in Dopesick look like Great Value brand Joaquin Phoenix?)

redactamundo: i am a fan of actor joaquin phoenix

Codiferasaurus: Not me being edgy and taking the easy way out on my psychology paper discussing the psychology of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker

TheScottBlake: Finally watched Joker. It's a good movie, probably the best live action movie has put out in recent memory. Joaquin Phoenix does a fine job grappling with a crumbling worldview. Still...there's at least one unnecessary scene near the end. 7/10

lionelpina: John C. Reilly Saw ‘Licorice Pizza’ and Compares Alana Haim to Joaquin Phoenix: ‘Can’t Take Eyes Off Her’

newfrybot: ‘Joker’ First Reactions: Joaquin Phoenix Loses His Shit in a Bold But Incel-Friendly Origin Story

ArbisiRoman: Need Joaquin Phoenix as the Emperor and Barry Keoghan as Feyd

BuzzFeed: Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck in Joker: For the role of Arthur Fleck in the film, Phoenix had to lose 52 pounds to appear emaciated, and said the concentration on his weight caused him to develop disordered thinking.

ArchivistPrime: TIL there's an Imaginext figure of the Joaquin Phoenix Joker (the paisley shirt is a giveaway) and... I think my brain has quit.

genyafart: did you know... in order to play the role of an insane and mentally depressed person in the movie joke joaquin phoenix joined fart sauce for a month

TheDTblogs: I haven’t said much in the last few days but I’m duty bound to declare to you all that I’ve FINALLY watched Joaquin Phoenix in Joker and oh my it’s SENSATIONAL

JoaqPhoenix: Joaquin Phoenix Reunited with Rescued Mother Cow & Calf for Earth Day

JoaqPhoenix: Rooney Mara, Joaquin Phoenix, and Lee Gelernt Discuss Family Separation.

JoaqPhoenix: The inspirational visit of The Joker star Joaquin Phoenix at a pig vigil...

ontheNthday: On the 2,183,171st day, God created Joaquin Phoenix.

tg4r: MPotD: What’s the best movie with Joaquin Phoenix?

StreamingVideo_: The movie Walk The Line went on sale today for $4.99 on a couple of the streaming services. The movie stars Joaquin Phoenix, Reese Witherspoon, Ginnifer Goodwin, Robert Patrick

StreamingVideo_: The movie Walk The Line Extended Cut went on sale today for $4.99 on a couple of the streaming services. The movie stars Joaquin Phoenix, Reese Witherspoon, Ginnifer Goodwin, Robert Patrick

50ShadesLasagna: It exploded like meteor hitting planet of dynamite. She woke trembling with awe. She did not move but Joaquin Phoenix unison.

NINETIESWITCH: Omg I used to think Vincent Gallo and Joaquin Phoenix were the same person

JoaqPhoenix: 'Earth Day Live' to celebrate 50th Earth Day with star-studded lineup including Joaquin Phoenix, Moby, Questlove and more

fabriceartist: Here's a drawing I made of Joaquin Phoenix. It took about 24 hours to complete! Charcoal and graphite on smooth bristol 14"x17" 2020

JoaqPhoenix: Joaquin Phoenix - Earth Day 2020

JoaqPhoenix: Russell Crowe Recalls Joaquin Phoenix Calling Him A Brother & It Hit Him In a 'Really Heavy Way'

JoaqPhoenix: Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara Announce Beyond Meat Partnership

JoaqPhoenix: Joaquin Phoenix steps out barefoot after karate class in Beverly Hills

JoaqPhoenix: Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix are seen following pregnancy reports

JoaqPhoenix: Joaquin Phoenix sports paint-splattered pants in West Hollywood

TorontoPigSave: Joaquin Phoenix Attends Vigil for Animal Rights Activist After She Died Outside a Slaughterhouse

JoaqPhoenix: Rooney Mara And Joaquin Phoenix To Exec Produce Documentary On Public Health

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