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afatswedishcat: Ain’t no Way Joaquin Phoenix didn’t think of this man when delivering the “You get what you deserve” line.

notalvaradodos: Joaquin Phoenix was asked to play Doctor Strange also. Like back in the 90s or something

LoganMa64473017: Joaquin Phoenix posts video of himself throwing up on Oscar

JuggernautOscar: Masterpiece! One of Joaquin Phoenix's best performances ever and one of the greatest screenplays of all time!!!

DracoMays97: People were saying Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker should continue in The Batman but this dude can not be a crime boss

mmishamiIler: I love Joaquin Phoenix

LoganMa64473017: Joaquin Phoenix posts video of himself destroying car

theallnigerian: The movie "Joker" starring Joaquin Phoenix is the 1st film R-rated film to earn $1 billion worldwide.

GeraltsGooch: Watching That's 70s Show and realizing Joaquin Phoenix stole his Joker laugh from Kitty Forman..

recastbot: JUSTICE LEAGUE RECAST: Leonardo DiCaprio as Superman, Joaquin Phoenix as Batman, Anthony Hopkins as The Flash, Jodie Foster as Wonder Woman, Seth Rogen as Aquaman and Jim Carrey as Cyborg

alec_behan: Earlier today when I got home from work at Regal Cinemas, I also got the A24 movie C'mon C'mon (2021) with Joaquin Phoenix on Blu-ray from Amazon.

bosflannel: in my joaquin phoenix joker phase again

slothymommaa: Joaquin Phoenix did an incredible job at incoperating Heath Ledgers version of the Joker while adding his own characterizations.

DetournementArc: Joaquin Phoenix takes notice

youn9lov3: did you know? in order to play the role of the joker, joaquin phoenix had to experience army twt on 5/22/22

Luxaltain: Everytime I watch a Joaquin Phoenix film, the next day I get a cheeseburger and eat it in his honor.

ikissjungkook: did you know to prepare for the role of the joker joaquin phoenix became a jungkooker

introtete: did you know to prepare for the role of the joker joaquin phoenix started ulting taehyung

BearLovesKer: The look on Commodus' (Joaquin Phoenix) face when Maximus kicks the Tigris of Gaul to the ground. Powerful. I've never seen a straight face more seething with anger. You can FEEL it.

OnefilmsMovies: Movie Quotes: "The worst part of having a mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you don't". Joaquin Phoenix (Joker)

AlexandraCoe7: When the cult member realizes that the cult leader is insane. Joaquin Phoenix & PS Hoffman singing "Slow Boat to China". "The Master"

LoganMa64473017: Joaquin Phoenix posts video of himself throwing up on golden globe

andrewlg13: UNPOPULAR OPINION: This is a top 10 CBM/villain movie ever made and Joaquin Phoenix is the best Joker. One of the greatest character studies to date.

lilllllliii: I still do not believe that Joaquin Phoenix and Phil Dunphy are two different people

DawsonEJoyce: Joaquin Phoenix claims to have seen Step Brothers more times than he has seen any other film.

serotxtin: in order to play the joker joaquin phoenix spent 1 second being a moa

EPM106: Men feels like kind of the breaking point for the 2010s indie horror format. Never want to see one of these again (Guy who’s going to eat up Aster’s new movie with Joaquin Phoenix)

MarkHarrisNYC: Excited to see Joaquin Phoenix in Joker, and Jeremy Renner replace him in A Joker (2021), and Shia LaBeouf in The Joker (2024), and Timothee Chalamet in I, Joker (2027), and Lucas Hedges in Joker: Origins (2030), and Blue Ivy Knowles Carter in Joker 2033 (2032), and

frycookonv3nus: i can’t stop thinking about joaquin phoenix eventually showing his son brother bear

recastbot: TITANIC RECAST: Joaquin Phoenix as Jack and Jennifer Connelly as Rose

ValleyDollz: perfect time to rewatch "joaquin phoenix joker 2019 acting and psychological analysis by real therapist" or whatever

darnstreit: Less than 5 minutes after finally moving back to Salina and I hear someone Joaquin Phoenix Joker laughing at 2 am and my parents even live in the nice ass part of town. God I love Salina. It's good to be home baybee

jacopomr: EDITORIALTWITTER Director Dott Iacopo Mutascio After seeing the Joker played by the exceptional and unforgettable Joaquin Phoenix, I thought that my Venice film festival could end here …Extraordinary interpretation, beautiful filmScreenplay that for the…

dlgcp: Great performance by Joaquin Phoenix, tho.

LoganMa64473017: Joaquin Phoenix posts video of himself staring at dad

KHNLEESI: … i don’t think i have one! some that are think are really talented : Benedict Cumberbatch , Joseph Gordon-Levitt , Pedro Pascal , Tobias Menzies , Paul Dano , James McAvoy , Christoph Waltz , Joaquin Phoenix , Tahar Rahim , Pierre Niney , Josh O’Connor & Andrew Garfield

GondorMiklos: (Feb 6, 2020) Joaquin Phoenix uses Oscar buzz to spotlight climate perils

aesthesticIes: its giving joaquin phoenix

StateSurve: In this world you're a joke or a Batman And I'm the joaquin phoenix joker

rawdatafeel: You know that scene in C'mon C'mon where Joaquin Phoenix reads Star Child out loud? That’s how Everything Everywhere all at Once feels, for 2 hours and 20 minutes straight.

VeganPoet: I Was Wrong About Joaquin Phoenix | Vegans Will Be MAD

pixel_savant: The Joker (2019) role was a difficult one to execute, kudos to Joaquin Phoenix.

ChadSchimke: Joaquin Phoenix Joker on my blog

DFergPR: In Joker (2019), Joaquin Phoenix chose this outfit himself for this scene to pay homage to his all-time favourite movie star; McLovin

VeganFilmNews: Joaquin Phoenix Acquires Film Rights to ‘Free the Animals’ (Exclusive)

yourpreciousMOA: Joaquin Phoenix's Joker edit TW//Blood

yourpreciousMOA: Joaquin Phoenix's Joker sad clown with a creepy smile edit (gbgb lullaby part)

VeganFilmNews: Why Joaquin Phoenix’s Next Oscar Could Be For a Vegan Film

alpaca_joseph: Musk, Elon is only one letter off from Muskmelon and living with that would be enough to make me go full-on Joaquin Phoenix joker

mimsque: Really enjoyed this Oscar nominated Joaquin Phoenix film 'Her' about a lonely divorced man who falls in love with an operating system.

AnnieBanter: Joaquin Phoenix is such a great actor. Watching joker and it might be one of my favourite interpretations of the character. That high pitched laugh is just manic.

Tay_Thorn: The Joker played by Joaquin Phoenix

_mhairij: Watching pointless and realising that Catfish and the Bottlemen are Welsh has left me shocked... I can't explain it but I was so convinced that they were Scottish... Haven't been this surprised since learning that Joaquin Phoenix is in Brother Bear

hached: Russell Peters Jason Statham Jackie Chan Dwayne Rock Johnson Forest Whitaker Heath Ledger Marlon Wayans Jonah Hill Billy Dee Williams Joseph Gordon-Levitt Tyler Perry Shawn Wayans Joaquin Phoenix Damon Wayans Channing Tatum Dolph Lundgren Ice Cube Chris Tucker Walter Matthau

shshshawwwn: I’m now wondering if the Depp vs Heard trial is real or some public theatre experiment a la Joaquin Phoenix in “I’m still here”

matiasookk: just seen "you were never really here" with my loved joaquin phoenix and omfg its amazing. soundtrack is mental

BromaniJones420: Joaquin “Phoenix” Niemann has not hit a good shot since I remember I wagered on him. I feel terribly about this

Taerabol: Why does he look like Joaquin Phoenix tho...

charshk: [watching any movie that Joaquin Phoenix is in] holy shit that's Joaquin Phoenix

wordsonlife: The unreported connections between animal farming and human disease - a new documentary “End of Medicine” by Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix explores how dangerously close humans are to complete antimicrobial resistance, and the government’s complicity.

emmastonedotcom: i take back what i said about joaquin phoenix being scary cuz im watching cmon cmon and i remembered why i loved him bad

YesShesGotMoxie: I don't understand why famous people don't post a publicly available email address for their manager/agent. If you don't want to talk to them, delete the email? My inbox has 4,582 unread messages. I need to talk to Joaquin Phoenix and Daniel Radcliffe.

recastbot: BREAKING BAD RECAST: Joaquin Phoenix as Walter White, Eddie Redmayne as Jesse Pinkman, Willem Dafoe as Hank, Gwyneth Paltrow as Skyler, Carrie-Anne Moss as Marie, Terry Crews as Gus Fring and Christopher Walken as Mike

LoganMa64473017: Joaquin Phoenix mocks Brad Pitt accusation that he's dumb

achilleshater: he looks like joaquin phoenix in joker

MaceLikeSpace: Need to find a movie to hype myself up to seeing but I don't know what. Avatar 2? Meh. Barbie? idc. Top Gun 2? Not my thing. Oppenheimer? Sounds like Boring-heimer. The Joaquin Phoenix Napoleon movie, maybe, maybe

jerrybotheimer: Police chief Denis Leary, oceanographer Brad Pitt and hunter Joaquin Phoenix try to kill a great white seal terrorizing Cabo.

davidauggie: Damn Joaquin Phoenix is built diffy. thats crazy dude. good for him

gezziepiggies: Joaquin Phoenix DESTROYS Dairy Industry | LIVEKINDLY

YekParvandeh: Okolo Kino - JOAQUIN PHOENIX - The JOKE that we didn't get (Documentary Part 2) -

YekParvandeh: Okolo Kino - JOAQUIN PHOENIX - The JOKE that we didn't get (Documentary Part 2) -

cjackson__: I am not emotionally stable enough to watch Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker right now, but best believe I’m still about to watch it.

sawqyama: it’s definitely not the movie it thinks it is but i liked joaquin phoenix’s performance

Suzymarxist: The End of Medicine Trailer: Producer Joaquin Phoenix's Documentary Blow...

Katastrophology: Where’s Joaquin Phoenix?

DarlingSodaPop: Stop implanting images who made the machine take that machine away or the alien implanting thoughts I can tell the difference that alien it’s literally thinking and showing up in my brain images get out of the way . That’s Joaquin Phoenix right the dude from ex machina go away

LoganMa64473017: Joaquin Phoenix opens up about improvements during the Resistance

mikehgillespie: Apparently I look like Joaquin Phoenix. I'm going to bask in this for a while, no one can stop me.

MK3xtra: Joaquin Phoenix could have done more mustache acting in “Her” imho

MK3xtra: Oh my god Joaquin Phoenix deleted his girlfriend

MK3xtra: Oh my god Joaquin Phoenix got deleted by his girlfriend

vitorbarso: Tom Holland fazendo cosplay do Joaquin Phoenix em Joker

lucylikesfish: even though i know how his name is pronounced now i always read joaquin phoenix's name like jo-a-quin not joaquin

hal_cole: C'mon C'mon 2021 RT scores 93/78 black-and-white drama film by Mike Mills starring Joaquin Phoenix, Gaby Hoffman and Woody Norman.

grbkid: young joaquin phoenix as the joker

loversground: did you know joaquin phoenix prepared for the role of the joker by staying updated in the mbappe saga?

baleluvr: why did i distinctly remember seeing heath ledger and joaquin phoenix in the same movie

keeraduh: I very regularly think about Joaquin Phoenix and wonder how much he misses his brother. The world will forever lack a tremendous talent.

misndrists: in order to play the role of an insane and mentally depressed person in the movie “joker” joaquin phoenix had to spend a day as a hyoe

RothbardsI: Why is Joaquin Phoenix on the poster?

anacarolinered: Joaquin Phoenix ‘em Gladiador really is a thing

joaqsoscar: the oscars next year will for sure see the return of king joaquin phoenix !!

Harmful_Logic: Did you know that to prepare for his role as The Joker, Joaquin Phoenix became a breakcore producer for a week

RyanGellatly: Tom Holland with long hair is Joaquin Phoenix as the joker

romansgerri: you mean to tell me joaquin phoenix was brother bear and eventually replaced by patrick dempsey for brother bear 2 and i just never knew this

romansgerri: i cannot believe i was a five year old joaquin phoenix stan

newfrybot: ‘Joker’ First Reactions: Joaquin Phoenix Loses His Shit in a Bold But Incel-Friendly Origin Story

CoolFightsBot: Elon Musk uses a bar of soap and a sock for a flail and smacks The Joker (Joaquin Phoenix Form) !

Laj_666: Russell Crowe, cigarette in hand, and Joaquin Phoenix share a joke while filming their final duel for Gladiator (1999)

StudiocanalUK: A reminder that you can watch Lynne Ramsay's critically-acclaimed You Were Never Really Here starring Joaquin Phoenix on STUDIOCANAL PRESENTS:

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