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The13Ben: Riz Ahmed Benedict Cumberbatch Rooney Mara Joaquin Phoenix Aubrey Plaza Jesse Plemons Kristen Stewart

kerstynleigh: I was given Signs and Ladder 49 at such a delicate age, how am I supposed to ever stop loving Joaquin Phoenix

GoFunkoYourself: My Top 10 Favorite Actors: 1. Daniel Day-Lewis 2. Robert De Niro 3. Al Pacino 4. Denzel Washington 5. Gary Oldman 6. Robert Duvall 7. Morgan Freeman 8. Harvey Keitel 9. Gregory Peck 10. Joaquin Phoenix

SlateCulture: Not since Joaquin Phoenix’s turn as the Joker has an actor given such a great performance in such a terrible movie.

EzekielHate: I hope you know Ye, you can't pull no documentary performance art Joaquin Phoenix bullshit at this point right? You've added too much fuel to the wrong fires, they spread to the bridges as you run through the fields of salted earth you've sown in your quest to slay the windmills.

larwoolf: Ridley Scott Napoleon 2023 stars Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon and depicts the French leader's rise to power through the lens of his addictive and volatile relationship with Empress Joséphine.

judes_dickey: Kanye is just doing a Joaquin Phoenix-type documentary right?

MidWestMet: If Kanye is trying to do a Joaquin Phoenix bit - it's not working.

Slate: Not since Joaquin Phoenix’s turn as the Joker has such a great performance been given in such a terrible movie.

TheoAirgonaut: Connections and Joaquin Phoenix (and the Incredible Loving Distance from a Null World)

DFitzgerraldo: What if Kanye pulls a reverse Joaquin Phoenix, announces a big DONDA 3 listening party and uses it to surprise drop a documentary about how he's not really crazy he's just been method acting tanking his hugely successful rap career to troll us? He could call it You're Still Here.

sketchiedetails: ye could be smart enough to do a Joaquin Phoenix bit and not tip anybody off But he could also have snapped and lost touch with reality

owlbynight: Remember I'm Still Here (2010)? That mockumentary where Joaquin Phoenix fooled most of the world into thinking he'd gone insane in his quest to become a rapper? Hear me out... Maybe Kanye really is a huge piece of shit.

RdSweeney: Remember when Joaquin Phoenix did that performance art that got so awkward w Letterman? You can't tell me this is honest, so I'm just gonna assume it's v2.0 of that and looking for the same exposure, but upping the insanity to match the current levels of background noise

workmanswhistle: This Kanye stuff is so over the top, are we sure it’s not an elaborate hoax like when Joaquin Phoenix became a rapper?

Stephen_Kent89: I still haven't fully ruled out this Ye chapter as a Joaquin Phoenix "I'm Still Here" prolonged hoax with a forthcoming documentary, but you know, I'm a dreamer. What on earth...

jphoenixupdates: Joaquin Phoenix’s costumes from NAPOLEON are currently on display at Ridley Scott’s Winery ‘Mas Des Infermières’ in Provence, France.

ButtonheadCEO: Is there even a small chance Kanye is going to release a Joaquin Phoenix “I’m Still Here” style mockumentary?

McpocalypseNews: If Kanye is pulling some sort of Andy Kaufmanesque or Joaquin Phoenix-like stunt, then he better come clean and quick. Otherwise, he's doomed. It's not funny anymore.

BlackJackPartII: Remember when Joaquin Phoenix pretended he was crazy for 2 years and then released a documentary but it was all fake? Ye’s antics make me wonder if he’s running the cancellation gauntlet for artistic purposes. .001% chance that’s true but raising now for posterity.

Slate: Not since Joaquin Phoenix’s turn as the Joker has such a great performance been given in such a terrible movie.

molllyelizabeth: I have the best dream blunt rotation based on my birthday: Julia Roberts Matt Smith Gwendoline Christie Joaquin Phoenix

OdinAwakens: Russell Crowe, cigarette in hand, and Joaquin Phoenix share a joke as they film their final duel for Gladiator (1999).

avengemehamlet: Joaquin phoenix as ant man (Hank Pym) would be great too he would DO THE JOB spectacularly with his dramatic unhinged portraits

everyoneisabot1: "Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal: my strength lies solely in my tenacity" - Joaquin Phoenix, Dune (1984)

gossipsmutcore: Pete Murray is Australia's answer to Joaquin Phoenix

msmadi_: Bitch…. The school photographer asked this boy’s last name… I didn’t know so I said Phoenix?? (With my whole chest)…obviously that wasn’t it…but I responded without thinking… The boy’s name was Joaquin…

Tresob: At this point, Andor doing anything with Rebels or Bad Batch or Jedi/Sith would feel like trying to put Joaquin Phoenix's Joker into a live action version of Teen Titans.

aiyanestlycant: film bro next to me on plane has aneurysm when I disagree that there’s a significant gap in talent between Joaquin phoenix and Nicolas cage. subsequently, world ends.

MJSerraPhD: I already knew that River Phoenix's brother Leaf later changed his name to Joaquin. I learned today that Rivers Cuomo's brother Leaves later changed his name to James.

MarchesWay: I long for the simpler days when people on this site thought there was going to be a series of mass shootings for a Joaquin Phoenix comic book movie

RJUEL: Joaquin Phoenix calls out Leonardo DiCaprio at his SAG's acceptance spee...

jeb91380: Happy birthday to one of the greatest movie directors of our time, Sir Ridley Scott. He's 85 years young and still directing movies. His newest one, Napoleon, is coming out soon, with Joaquin Phoenix playing the part.

madlykosh: watching Joaquin phoenix’s mocumentary, thinking that I could make this (5mins in)

TheCinesthetic: Joaquin Phoenix photographed by Mark Abrahams

tdtuketicidostu: “It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal” — Joaquin Phoenix

saifltq: Wait till Joaquin Phoenix’ the Joker finds out about this…

TotalRandomMama: This! Look at Mel Gibson, Sean Penn, and Joaquin Phoenix. Or the protected ones who are total shitbags but NO ONE talks about it like Bill Murray? But ya'll don't want to have that talk.

a_o_rdj: I'm a man who enjoys the classics. Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman.

r1sky_bus1ness: joaquin phoenix pioneered the slutty man fit in her (2013)

katmpak: “It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal” — Joaquin Phoenix

justinbonanza: Broadcom Pledges 5G Investment Joaquin Phoenix in talks

appreciatefilms: Joker does a great job of developing Arthur Fleck into the character that we know as the Joker. Joaquin Phoenix was a great fit for the role of Arthur and portrays him very well.

LoganMa64473017: Joaquin Phoenix posts video of himself defecating on dad

OG__Pure: Did you know to prepare for his role as Joker in “Joker” (2019) Joaquin Phoenix spent 8 hours a day onset playing “Overwatch” to get into the mind of a mentally deranged person?

PoeticSoul8615: I've gotta check it out..."Mary Magdalene" film (2019)...merely to see if they put any truth in it; Also, Joaquin Phoenix is playing that should be interesting. Rooney Mara is Mary M.

bot_discourse: uh, joaquin phoenix shouldn’t try to do comedies

LoganMa64473017: Joaquin Phoenix mocks Sanders accusation that he's dumb

_JamesGtfo: Me pretending to be Joaquin Phoenix so I can take a photo of Lady Gaga on set of Joker: Folie à Deux

movingsideways: Joaquin Phoenix's character in The Master drank less insane stuff than Elon's caffeine-free diet coke. Folks, I'm obsessed.

ari_joanne: The day Lady Gaga posts a picture with Joaquin Phoenix on the set of Joker 2 (like this one with Adam), the internet will break!

joeseues: Joaquin Phoenix & Christian Bale need to make a movie together under Christopher Nolan

spj_tweets: Quill has added 10 more films to our growing Journalism Movies Ranked list including just-released “She Said,” "City of Lies" with Johnny Depp and Forest Whitaker and Mike Mills' "C’mon C’mon" featuring Joaquin Phoenix. The list now reviews 160 flicks.

50ShadesLasagna: Stomach in pattern to imitate Garfield's stone cold six pack. Joaquin Phoenix pulled out pool stick from hooligan body.

shrimpfriedwife: Mental illness is just something they made up to sell tickets to Joaquin phoenix movies

od831_: This whole time I thought Johnny Cash looked exactly like Joaquin Phoenix

nerdist: Arthur Fleck will return in a musical sequel to 2019's Joker. Here's everything we know about Joker: Folie a Deux.

MashedUpMovies: Caligula, starring Henry Ian Cusick. Co-starring Joaquin Phoenix, directed by Mel Brooks, music by Tony Bennett. Budget: $120m

LanceStLaurent: There’s a scene in this where Joaquin Phoenix has to perform a one-sided phone call where you can already see he’s going to be an extremely special talent.

TheWrestleBot: Joaquin Wilde hit a Stone Cold Stunner on Beth Phoenix into a bathtub at Bed Bath & Beyond.

108: JOKER (2019) Starring Joaquin Phoenix Directed by Todd Phillips

calliemiller: Is the Kanye, Milo, Nick stuff performance art? This feels like that year when Joaquin Phoenix did wild nonsense all over town for a film. This just cannot be real.

scarzonreplay: we're gonna need lady gaga's screen test as harley quinn like they did with joaquin phoenix for joker and we're gonna need it NOW

storytelling301: In 2016, Hakeem built a flower in a resturant, he felt extremely enraged. Thus, he decided to punish the worldwide celebrity Joaquin Phoenix in a resturant. What a funny day!

jphoenixupdates: Joaquin Phoenix has returned to the role of Arthur Fleck as filming for Joker: Folie À Deux commences today in Los Angeles. Lady Gaga also begins filming today in the new casting role of Harley Quinn.

FilmUpdates: Ridley Scott says his next film ‘Kitbag’ starring Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon and Jodie Comer as Josephine will begin filming on January 2. (

AnujSha113: Joaquin Phoenix performance as the Joker was amazing. His portrayal of the Joker makes the movie good to me. A good orgin story. I hope there's a sequel.

jennythefriend: Joaquin Phoenix had the best acceptance speech of all time

fallxchild: where is that one Joaquin Phoenix gif when I need it

fbicleaninglady: 91.Jennifer Aniston 92.Jennifer Lawrence 93.Jeri Ryan 94.Jim Carrey 95.Jim Gaffigan 96.Jimmy Buffett 97.Jimmy Fallon 98.Jimmy Kimmell 99.JK Rowling 100.Joaquin Phoenix

AjpLarox: Joaquin Phoenix, Jennifer Connelly, Liv Tyler, Billy Crudup y Joanna en el set de Inventando los abades (1997)

varispeeder: if they don't give it to Colin Farrell I am going to become Joaquin Phoenix 2020 • The Joker

newfrybot: ‘Joker’ First Reactions: Joaquin Phoenix Loses His Shit in a Bold But Incel-Friendly Origin Story

_khanhamzah: Joaquin Phoenix is the most underrated actor out there imo. The Master and Walk the Line are absolute masterpiece. ✊

ShakespitchBot: Joaquin Phoenix and Felicity Huffman as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth

mmaadddiieee: People who said they didn’t like bones and all are LYINGGGG. Taylor and timothee are amazing and Joaquin Phoenix was unrecognizable it was wild

Samanthaaaachan: Do people not like The Joker? I thought it was great and so was Joaquin Phoenix. I know people thought it was gonna be like a edgelord, we live in a society type thing but I thought it was pretty anti-capitalist and good.

GiannisEutux: “It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal” — Joaquin Phoenix

egalite80: “It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal” — Joaquin Phoenix

slippintrimmy: joker with joaquin phoenix is amazing

scifi_fan_kat: Probably Disney's and Joaquin Phoenix's most underrated animated movie of all time

lilymryn: the scene of Jenna Ortega dancing in Wednesday is to me what the scene of Joaquin Phoenix dancing in the Joker was to others

akaWastedTalent: Jared Leto and Joaquin Phoenix should fight to the death. and the victor fights Michael Shannon for the Creepy crown

Alpha22305672: Hi guys. I hope your days has been wonderful today. I’m Taiwanese,so my English is not good.This is my first post that is the joker by Joaquin Phoenix.

FarOutMag: Joaquin Phoenix was discovered busking on the streets

liever_bee: Times a Wastin -Joaquin Phoenix & Reese Witherspoon

flomiliisgod: i lean over to my sister and i’m like is that joaquin phoenix and she’s like no bitch that’s the dad from call me by your name

1991Carlos25: We Need More Joaquin Phoenix and James Gray Movies

LoganMa64473017: Joaquin Phoenix posts video of himself twerking on mom

fireball13z: You guys when Joaquin Phoenix went batshit crazy as big work and messed with us all? Man that’s not what Ye is doing here, then I hope people are keeping sharp objects away from him lol

breebunn: joaquin phoenix is so good at acting, whew

jungleboydraws: Joaquin Phoenix as silver surfer pls man sell out sell out sell out

hharleesantos: So Jennifer’s one performance was so good it launched a 25 year long career. Also do you have same energy for Austin butler and Joaquin Phoenix or are white men excluded from this only got famous for playing a d*ed person narrative?

Gregster8626: Best Picture: The Shape of Water Best Director: Guillermo del Toro Best Actor: Joaquin Phoenix Best Actress: Jessica Chastain Best Supporting Actor: Brad Pitt Best Supporting Actress: Regina King Best Script (overall): BlacKkKlansman

framefound: Gwyneth Paltrow and Joaquin Phoenix in Two Lovers (2008)

MovieNewsOmgz: Joaquin Phoenix has been cast to star in Captain Marvel 2!

LoganMa64473017: Joaquin Phoenix posts video of himself smelling dad

GarrettPyatt: Amy Adams could do Joker but Joaquin Phoenix couldn’t do Enchanted

DavethNative: “It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal” — Joaquin Phoenix

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