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Jennings Carmichael (24 February 1867 – 9 February 1904) was an Australian poet and nurse.


Grace Elizabeth Jennings Carmichael was born on 24 February 1867 at Ballarat, Victoria. The daughter of Archibald Carmichael, a miner from Perthshire, Scotland and Margaret Jennings, née Clark, from Cornwall. She was educated at Melbourne, while still a child went to live on a station at Orbost, and grew up close to the bush she came to love so much. In 1888 she went to Melbourne to be trained as a nurse at the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne.

In 1891, Carmichael published a small volume of prose sketches, Hospital Children. Having qualified as a nurse she obtained a position on a station near Geelong, and subsequently married Francis Mullis. She contrib...
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  • A Woman's Mood
    I think to-night I could bear it all,
    Even the arrow that cleft the core,
    Could I wait again for your swift footfall,
    And your sunny face coming in at the door. ...
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