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  • Experience
    --A COSTLY good ; that none e'er bought or sold
    For gem, or pearl, or miser's store, twice told :
    Save certain watery pearls, possessed by all,
    Which, one by one, may buy it as they fall. ...
  • The World In The House
    PILGRIMS who journey in the narrow way,
    Should go as little cumbered as they may.
    'Tis heavy sailing with a freighted ship ;
    'Tis pleasant travelling with a staff and scrip. ...
  • Prejudice
    IN yonder red-brick mansion, tight and square,
    Just at the town's commencement, lives the mayor.
    Some yards of shining gravel, fenced with box,
    Lead to the painted portal--where one knocks : ...
  • Finery
    In an elegant frock, trimm'd with beautiful lace,
    And hair nicely curl'd, hanging over her face,
    Young Fanny went out to the house of a friend,
    With a large little party the evening to spend. ...
  • Egotism
    YE powers fantastic ! goblin, sylph and fay,
    Whose subtle forms no laws material sway ;
    Ethereal essences, that dart and glide
    Wherever pleasure or caprice may guide ; ...
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