Who is Jack Prelutsky

Jack Prelutsky (born September 8, 1940) is an American writer of children's poetry who has published over 50 poetry collections. He served as the first U.S. Children's Poet Laureate (now called the Young People's Poet Laureate) from 2006–08 when the Poetry Foundation established the award.

Early life

Jack Prelutsky was born on September 8, 1940 in Brooklyn, New York to Charles Prelutsky, an electrician, and Dorothea Prelutsky, a homemaker. While he was still a baby, a fire killed his family and he was saved by his Uncle Charlie, who was a father at the age of 56.He attended local public schools in the Bronx, hated the experience, and was bored in class. Prelutsky claims to have hated poetry when he was younger. He stated that "When I was a kid, I didn't like poet...
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Jack Prelutsky Poems

  • Dora Diller
    'My stomach's full of butterflies!'
    lamented Dora Diller.
    Her mother sighed. 'That's no surprise,
    you ate a caterpillar!'...
  • As Soon As Fred Gets Out Of Bed
    As soon as Fred gets out of bed,
    his underwear goes on his head.
    His mother laughs, "Don't put it there,
    a head's no place for underwear!" ...
  • The Visitor
    it came today to visit
    and moved into the house
    it was smaller than an elephant
    but larger than a mouse ...
  • Last Night I Dreamed Of Chickens
    Last night I dreamed of chickens,
    there were chickens everywhere,
    they were standing on my stomach,
    they were nesting in my hair, ...
  • Homework! Oh, Homework!
    Homework! Oh, Homework!
    I hate you! You stink!
    I wish I could wash you away in the sink,
    if only a bomb ...
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Mother 4 Head 4 Hair 3 Place 3 Away 3 Smell 2 Stomach 2 Never 2 Simple 2 Today 2

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Banerjionnesha: "i ate too much" by jack prelutsky i ate too much turkey, i ate too much corn, i ate too much pudding and pie, i'm stuffed up with muffins and much too much stuffin', i'm probably going to die.
Overtnincompoop: i couldn’t let world poetry day pass without sharing one of my favorite poems for children—the dragons are singing tonight by jack prelutsky.
Obur66564: poetry seems to sink into us the way prose doesn't. i can still quote verses i learned when i was very young, but i have trouble remembering one line of a novel i just finished reading.,jack prelutsky,reading, i can, young ,
Bnmidwest: prelutsky…my fav was always jack prelutzky!
Dressyll6217: writing gives me the opportunity to explore ideas, play with language, solve problems, use my imagination, and draw on my own childhood.,jack prelutsky,opportunity, childhood ,
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