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Edmund John Millington Synge (; 16 April 1871 – 24 March 1909) was an Irish playwright, poet, writer, collector of folklore, and a key figure in the Irish Literary Revival. His best known play The Playboy of the Western World was poorly received, due to its bleak ending, depiction of Irish peasants, and idealisation of parricide, leading to hostile audience reactions and riots in Dublin during its opening run at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin, which he had co-founded with W. B. Yeats and Lady Gregory. His other major works include In the Shadow of the Glen (1903), Riders to the Sea (1904), The Well of the Saints (1905), and The Tinker's Wedding (1909).

Although he came from a wealthy Anglo-Irish background, his writings mainly concern working-class Catholics in rural Ireland, and wit...
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J. M. Synge Poems

  • The Passing Of The Shee
    After looking at one of A.E.'s pictures

    Adieu, sweet Angus, Maeve and Fand,
    Ye plumed yet skinny Shee,...
  • The Curse
    Lord, confound this surly sister,
    Blight her brow with blotch and blister,
    Cramp her larynx, lung, and liver,
    In her guts a galling give her....
  • Queens
    Seven dog-days we let pass
    Naming Queens in Glenmacnass,
    All the rare and royal names
    Wormy sheepskin yet retains,...
  • Prelude
    Still south I went and west and south again,
    Through Wicklow from the morning till the night,
    And far from cities, and the sights of men,
    Lived with the sunshine, and the moon's delight....
  • On An Anniversary
    After reading the dates in a book of Lyrics.

    With Fifteen-ninety or Sixteen-sixteen
    We end Cervantes, Marot, Nashe or Green:...
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Night 3 Score 3 Delight 2 Moon 2 Golden 2 Lonely 2 Red 2 Female 1 Split 1 Noise 1

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Nathanfrancis__: "there is no language like the irish for soothing and quieting." poems: [
Tipperarydrama: tonight we welcome new players from the premier county, hinterland, with j.m synge's classic "the playboy of western world". our sponsors tonight are francis and elaine glasheen, glasheens old abbey inn holycross, and we thank them for their continuing support! curtain up 8.30pm!
Gamut_theatre: don't miss our final performance of thistle & salt: the ireland of j.m. synge today at 2:30pm. presented by gamut theatre and narcisse theatre company tickets available at
Gamut_theatre: thistle & salt: the ireland of j.m. synge final performances this weekend friday & saturday at 7:30pm sunday at 2:30pm presented in partnership with narcisse theatre company tickets at
Paulnolting: i hope you skipped the green beer and read a seamus heaney poem or a j.m. synge play to celebrate st. patrick’s day.
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