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Isabella Valancy Crawford (25 December 1846 – 12 February 1887) was an Irish-born Canadian writer and poet. She was one of the first Canadians to make a living as a freelance writer.

"Crawford is increasingly being viewed as Canada's first major poet." She is the author of "Malcolm's Katie," a poem that has achieved "a central place in the canon of nineteenth-century Canadian poetry."

Life Isabella Valancy Crawford was the last surviving daughter of Dr. Stephen Crawford. She was born in Dublin, Ireland on Christmas Day, 1846. The family emigrated to Canada when she was ten years of age.

Much of Isabella Crawford's early life is unknown. By her own account she was born in Dublin, Ireland, the sixth daughter of Dr. Stephen Dennis Crawfor...
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Isabella Valancy Crawford Poems

  • My Ain Bonnie Lass O' The Glen.
    Ae blink o' the bonnie new mune,
    Ay tinted as sune as she's seen,
    Wad licht me to Meg frae the toun,
    Tho' mony the brae-side between: ...
  • Bite Deep And Wide, O Axe, The Tree!
    'BITE deep and wide, O Axe, the tree!
    What doth thy bold voice promise me?'

    'I promise thee all joyous things ...
  • The Farmer's Daughter Cherry
    The Farmer quit what he was at,
    The bee-hive he was smokin':
    He tilted back his old straw hat--
    Says he, 'Young man, you're jokin'! ...
  • His Wife And Baby
    In the lone place of the leaves,
    Where they touch the hanging eaves,
    There sprang a spray of joyous song that sounded sweet and sturdy;
    And the baby in the bed ...
  • A Battle
    SLOWLY the Moon her banderoles of light
    Unfurls upon the sky; her fingers drip
    Pale, silvery tides; her armoured warriors
    Leave Day's bright tents of azure and of gold, ...
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  • Dcb_dbc: bio of the day: details about the life of isabella valancy crawford are obscure. how she came to write in such a variety of styles, with such a range of subjects, when she was isolated from fellowship with other authors is a matter of speculation.
  • Book_addict: happy birthday to irish-born canadian writer/poet isabella valancy crawford (december 25,1850), author of "old spookses' pass..." (1884) et al.
  • Mattacarrington: no one reaches for those isabella valancy crawford references anymore — o canlit! his young soul grew and shew’d a virile front, full muscl’d and large statur’d, like his flesh. soon the great heaps of brush were builded high! pipelines!
  • Litatleddy: i love that my journey of 163,884 spreadsheet lines will end in 21st century canada. i've just encountered isabella valancy crawford, susanna moodie et al. almost there...
  • Book_addict: happy birthday to irish-born canadian writer/poet isabella valancy crawford (december 25,1850), author of "old spookses' pass..." (1884) et al.
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