Irfanulla Shariff Poems

  • 1.
    What is the ultimate life
    All about?
    It is about being holy
    It is about being healthy
  • 2.
    The sweetest fragrance
    What is it
    Where is it
    It is nothing
  • 3.
    It was a magical night
    The sky was lit
    By the glory of Luna
    The full moon
  • 4.
    Pour your self-love
    In your heart
    And decorate it
    With the flowers of hope
  • 5.
    Am I ever going to sing today?
    This whispering voice of my throat
    As if there is an ocean locked in a boat
    How it could be ever possible
  • 6.
    At the valley
    Of butterflies
    In Rhodes, Greece
    I encountered
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