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Jai Shri Ram I'm Himanshu Dhurvey. When i was in schools i used to write shayaris and ghazals but slowly when i passed out from my school and came out from my city to another city for pursuing my studies I saw the real scenerio of the world.The world is full of problems which can be defined as discrimination, inequality, categorisation on your language,etc. there were many such problems which one faces. So to deal with such problems i choose to protest against all this but with help of my poems. I write on social issues , political issues , and on such mahatmas who faces injustice in our history. By the way i am a law student from School of Law , Indore and I'm proud to be member hindu marathi family....
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  • शेर ऐ सहाद्री
    गाथाएं कई वीरों की, कुछ अंजामो से अंजनी है ,
    आज सुनाने आया हूं, जो उन वीरों की जुबानी है ,

    अश्रु बहेगे उन रगो से , रक्त वो उबाल जायेगा ...
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