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Henry Timrod (December 8, 1828 – October 7, 1867) was an American poet, often called the "Poet of the Confederacy.


Early life

Timrod was born on December 8, 1828, in Charleston, South Carolina, to a family of German descent. His grandfather Heinrich Dimroth emigrated to the United States in 1765 and anglicized his name. His father, William Henry Timrod, was an officer in the Seminole Wars and a poet himself.

The elder Timrod died from tuberculosis on July 28, 1838, in Charleston, at the age of 44, leaving behind his wife of 25 years, Thyrza Prince Timrod, and their four children, the eldest of which was Adaline Rebecca, 14 years; Henry was nine. A few years later, their home burned down, leaving the family impoverished.He atten...
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Henry Timrod Poems

  • Sonnet 11
    Which are the clouds, and which the mountains? See,
    They mix and melt together! Yon blue hill
    Looks fleeting as the vapors which distill
    Their dews upon its summit, while the free ...
  • Charleston
    Calm as that second summer which precedes
    The first fall of the snow,
    In the broad sunlight of heroic deeds,
    The City bides the foe. ...
  • On Pressing Some Flowers
    So, they are dead! Love! when they passed
    From thee to me, our fingers met;
    O withered darlings of the May!
    I feel those fairy fingers yet. ...
  • To Rosa ----: Acrostic
    I took a Rosebud from a certain bower,
    And by its side placed an Orange flower,
    Then with the Speedwell, blended the perfume
    And the sweet beauty of an Apple-bloom, ...
  • Youth And Manhood
    Another year! a short one, if it flow
    Like that just past,
    And I shall stand -- if years can make me so --
    A man at last. ...
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Comments about Henry Timrod

Scetv: “c” is for “carolina”. state song. south carolina’s oldest official state song is “carolina,” with words by henry timrod set to music by anne curtis burgess.
Ehutchinson1513: try being a major pop culture figure who takes major inspiration from henry timrod and gets away with it without simultaneously also being bob dylan. go ahead, try it.
Timesportal: who’s this guy dylan who’s borrowing lines from henry timrod? (09/14/2006)
Scetv: “t” is for timrod, henry (1828-1867) poet, essayist. a native charlestonian, timrod—hedged by poverty, frail health, and the cataclysm of the civil war—led a brief tubercular life.
Therealpubliusx: specifically these lyrics. which someone inexplicably recognized as a paraphrase of some poetry by henry timrod.
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