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  • Love That Doth Reign And Live
    Love that doth reign and live within my thought
    And built his seat within my captive breast,
    Clad in the arms wherein with me he fought,
    Oft in my face he doth his banner rest. ...
  • In Cypres Springes, Wheras Dame Venus Dwelt
    In Cypres springes, wheras dame Venus dwelt,
    A well so hote that who so tastes the same,
    Were he of stone, as thawed yse shuld melt,
    And kindled fynde his brest with secret flame; ...
  • Of The Death Of Sir T.w. The Elder
    Wyatt resteth here, that quick could never rest;
    Whose heavenly gifts increased by disdain,
    And virtue sank the deeper in his breast;
    Such profit he by envy could obtain. ...
  • The Soote Season
    The soote season, that bud and bloom forth brings,
    With green hath clad the hill and eke the vale;
    The nightingale with feathers new she sings,
    The turtle to her make hath told her tale. ...
  • Complaint Of A Lover That Defied Love
    WHEN Summer took in hand the winter to assail,
    With force of might, and virtue great, his stormy blasts to quail :
    And when he clothed fair the earth about with green,
    And every tree new garmented, that pleasure was to seen : ...
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  • Edpearce080759: following his disastrous marriage to anne of cleves, henry viii had noticed a gay, high spirited and uninhibited young lady at court, called catherine howard, and thought that she might make a good fifth wife. they got married on july 28, 1540. (link:
  • _nairfyi: morbidly obese, with a non healing ulcer on his leg..49 yr old henry married a 17yr old catherine howard, what could possibly go wrong!! she found solace elsewhere, a year later, catherine & her paramour were executed on orders of henry !
  • Cath_howard_: well today’s the day i married henry….no thank you mary :)
  • Kimmacthomas: in 1547henry howard earl of surrey , son of thomas howard 1st cousin to anne boleyn& c howard.poet statesman.friend of henry fitzroy- was last howard to be executed by king henryviii.he was called by his peers as arrogant & proud boy. he was the last howard to be executed by king
  • Royaluniverse: henry viii married catherine howard, his fifth wife, on 28 july 1540, 3 weeks after his marriage to anne of cleves was annulled
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