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invitinghistory: 'Sonnet to the Strawberry' written by Helen Maria Williams (1759-1827); she wrote this while imprisoned in France during the revolution. This sonnet is one of her 'prison sonnets' which survived, as some were lost when her papers were examined by officials before being sent out.

Orgetorix: Check out this book: "Letters written in France, in the summer 1790, to a friend in England: containing various anecdotes relative to the French Revolution; and Memoirs of Mons. and Madame Du F" by Helen Maria Williams

Pendolino70: A Tour in Switzerland, Or, A View of the Present State of the Governments and Manners of Those Cantons: With Comparative Sketches of the Present State of Paris, Volume 1 von Helen Maria Williams – Bücher bei Google Play

hn_malcolm: It's been a while since I've read what Helen Maria Williams wrote, and so I don't remember if she describes how big the chunk of rubble was, but sometimes I imagine it as this great big stone weighing down the poor governess's neck, & sometimes I see it as just a tiny pebble.

musicrecbot: Take a listen to: The Complaint Of The Goddess Of The Glaciers To Doctor Darwin by Helen Maria Williams

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accessoriness_: Thoughts while copyediting footnotes. Can you imagine being asked to review a book and then the editor allowing you to go on this bonkers rant about someone who was not the author? (Anti-Jacobin Review 30 April 1798). Stone is Helen Maria Williams btw.

SheilaRomano1: Myrlie Evers-Williams, RBG, Rosa Parks, Patsy Mink, Maya Angelou, Helen Keller, Harriet Tubman, Maria Tallchief, Sarah Winnemucca

musicrecbot: Take a listen to: Sonnet to Hope by Helen Maria Williams

IrishAggers: A very London scene with a red double decker bus in the distance & an elegant parade. Sicilian Avenue is just off Southampton Row where my screenplay about Helen Maria Williams begins. I was following in her footsteps when I took this photo, altho, this hadn’t been built yet.

EveryBookBot: A book about British: Helen Maria Williams and the Age of Revolution by Deborah Kennedy (2002)

KelleyCostigan: Poetic Winter Holiday Calendar Day 5 - To Mrs K, On Her Sending Me an English Christmas Plum-Cake at Paris by Helen Maria Williams New post on Ko-fi!

LoveCarousel: A Song by Helen Maria Williams

Valster11: I've just watched the first in the Simon Schama series on Romanticism and become what my son would call "triggered". No mention of Helen Maria Williams' reporting of the Revolution, back to the bad old days of Romanticism=the works of well-known male poets.

STORI3D_PAST: And then there’s the 1803 3-volume set of Correspondences of Lewis XVI, many of which when his beloved nation was coming apart. Compiled, translated, & published by Helen-Maria Williams, religious dissenter & staunch abolitionist.

ConsortiumRev: When Helen Maria Williams visited Paris during the Revolution, she “requested to visit the Bastille; feeling a much stronger desire to contemplate the ruins of that building than the most perfect edifices of Paris.” 15/n

phipresidents: Carnival Queen in 1993 was Kate Pollard, Lady in Waiting was Louise Quentin. Court Ladies - Maria Buckley and Helen Lewis. Flower Girls - Natalie Davies and Kelly Smith and Page Boy was Simon Williams. 2/6

GKacena: “My lifted eye, without a tear, The lowering storm shall see; My steadfast heart shall know no fear; That heart will rest on Thee.” Helen Maria Williams (1762-1827)

RichmondLibs: Today's Richmond Read-along is from Helen Maria Williams, British poet, translator and novelist who spent much of her life in France. We are reading "Sonnet to Twilight:"

RageofBaltimore: Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72 Voltaire's Bastards An Eyewitness Account of the French Revolution by Helen Maria Williams Gaza: An Inquest Into Its Martyrdom The Enigma of Clarence Thomas

IrishAggers: While researching a forgotten female (Helen Maria Williams), I came across a poem that I keep re-reading because it is just so beautiful! It's the kind of poem that I think many middle aged women would like their partner to write about them. It's gentle & kind. Read to the end.

gdow12: No. 5: Helen Maria Williams (1759-1827) Known for poetry, novels, translations & travel writing/commentary. Murray published her ‘Narrative of Events in France in 1815’. This Alpine drink is in honour of her 1798 Swiss Tour, published as part of the Chawton House Library series.

gdow12: So, 'The Helen Maria Williams': Crush a sprig of mint lightly and place in a highball glass. Add one tsp Elderflower syrup, several ice cubes, 2 slices of lime. Fill halfway with Prosecco, then add a couple of splashes of sparkling water.

samjordison: Great list of female writers who make Nina Stibbe laugh: Barbara Pym, Muriel Spark, Maria Semple, Marian Keyes, Katherine Heiney (sp?) Lucy Ellmann, Meera Syal, Candice Carty-Williams, Nora Ephron, Helen Fielding, Daisy Buchanan, Nancy mitford. -

MWPAI: Maria Munson Williams Proctor (1853-1935) Beautiful Lily, Dwelling by the River, 1890 Watercolor on Paper, 12 ¼ x 9 7/16 in. Proctor Collection, PC. 735.2 Helen Elizabeth Munson Williams (1824 – 1894) Portrait of Pamela Brown, 1845 3 15/16 x 2 3/8 in. Proctor Collection, PC. 792

somequotesbot: "Pale moon ! thy mild benignant light May glad some other's captive sight Where are the years with pleasure gay How bright their course ! How short their stay !" - Helen Maria Williams

globceleste: "the glittering colors of the day are fled / come, melancholy orb ! that dwell'st with night / come, o'er earth thy wandering luster shed / the deepest shadow, and thy softest light " helen maria williams - to the moon

DrAlexisWolf: Delighted to share my new article 'The “Original” Journals of Katherine Wilmot: Women’s Travel Writing in the Salon of Helen Maria Williams' in European Romantic Review, on my discovery of a forgotten Romantic-period manuscript

RRaskolinkov: Thank You for the Christmas Cake by Helen Maria Williams (read by Tom O'...

TheDiLLon1: The DMX challenge but it’s just Serena Williams the 19 consecutive times she’s defeated Maria Sharapova

yurssp: and Helen Maria Williams!

yurssp: During her stay in Paris in 1794, Mary Wollstonecraft wrote to her sister Everina ✉️: "Miss [Helen Maria] Williams behaved very civilly to me and I shall visit her frequently, because I rather like her, and I meet french company at her house. Her manners are affected, yet the 1/2

BlissBennet: Birthday cheers for novelist, poet, translator, and political radical Helen Maria Williams, born on this day in 1759!

RomanticismEHU: 1793: The radical writers Manon Roland, Olympe de Gouges, & Helen Maria Williams (among many others) are arrested & imprisoned during the Reign of Terror. All 3 continue to write in prison-Roland & de Goiges are executed-HMW is released, continuing to defend ideals of Revolution

Books400: Two poems by Helen Maria Williams

MJHerbert: Helen Maria Williams (1759-1827), poet, novelist and translator who went to Paris during the French Revolution and...

helenoliveri: Congratulate to our buyers Juan & Maria on their lovely new home. We were so happy to help them buy this great hous...

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