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Websitewww.haroldpinter.org Literature portal Harold Pinter CH CBE (/ˈpɪntər/; 10 October 1930 – 24 December 2008) was a British playwright, screenwriter, director and actor. A Nobel Prizewinner, Pinter was one of the most influential modern British dramatists with a writing career that spanned more than 50 years. His best-known plays include The Birthday Party (1957), The Homecoming (1964...
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Harold Pinter Poems

  • God Bless America
    Here they go again,
    The Yanks in their armoured parade
    Chanting their ballads of joy
    As they gallop across the big world ...
  • I Saw Len Hutton In His Prime...
    I saw Len Hutton in his prime

    Another time
  • Paris
    The curtain white in folds,
    She walks two steps and turns,
    The curtain still, the light
    Staggers in her eyes....
  • Weather Forecast
    The day will get off to a cloudy start.
    It will be quite chilly
    But as the day progresses
    The sun will come out ...
  • The Ventriloquists
    I send my voice into your mouth
    You return the compliment

    I am the Count of Cannizzaro...
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Light 5 Head 4 Black 4 Sun 3 Place 3 Night 3 Death 3 Dark 3 Life 3 Room 2

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Vain Hope
 by Ernest Dowson

Sometimes, to solace my sad heart, I say,
Though late it be, though lily-time be past,
Though all the summer skies be overcast,
Haply I will go down to her, some day,
And cast my rests of life before her feet,
That she may have her will of me, being so sweet
And none gainsay!


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