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Haliyat Abdulsalam

Haliyat Abdulsalam Poems

  • 1.  
    The boy in me cultivate trees,
    Another boy cut down trees.
    Who do you think will derive joy?
    The one in me or the other boy–
  • 2.  
    A soulmate to me is what you are–
    Blessing the days of my life with charm.

    My love for you cannot be denied –
  • 3.  
    When the world turn,
    Leaving scars to burn.
    Making best friends run,
    Come! He won't shun –
  • 4.  
    Meeting you was a coincidence
    You said ‘Hi'
    I replied with ‘Hello'
    We became friends
  • 5.  
    When the darkness seem to fall,
    I will make sure I love you.
    I will never leave you.
    Forever and ever more-
  • 6.  
    I knelt down and prayed to God,
    Grant me a friend,
    A friend that will love me,
    One who will always be ready to
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Sirlhamz liyah: Thanks Victor
Sirlhamz liyah: Thanks victor
Victor: Good one.
Sirlhamz liyah: Amin.Thanks dear
Faidat Ayobami: Lovely dear
More wisdom inshallah
Faidat Ayobami : Lovely dear
More wisdom inshallah

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