Gosinto Basumatary Poems

  • 1.
    Dear 10 of Blue,
    Whenever every page of book, I turn over;
    ......I feel ,I'm a grown up seed,
    Grab a mini stone to major...!
  • 2.
    Face of nature,comes;
    Makes me claim,
    Behaved like a fridge
    that creates a bridge;
  • 3.
    HEART SAYS, "Life is a long year,
    When there's a fear."

    HEART SAYS, "Life is a cry,
  • 4.
    I realised for a moment
    Had a comment,
    There's a small gap in my life.
    That seems to be stabbed by a knife,
  • 5.
    OH! I hit heard you about to on-line..
    It's Of course! Slacker unreck'd to you
    and also I.....
    Man say you the blacksmith in success of some awake,
  • 6.
    Dear creator,
    I'm in!
    It's an indeed truth in true,
    Why m I in struggling doubt
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Numal das: Nice poems bro! It somewhat feels like touched my inner spirit...... good work.......and all the best for your future works, lookin' forward to it.

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