Gordon Bottomley Poems

  • 1.
    O, Cartmel bells ring soft to-night,
    And Cartmel bells ring clear,
    But I lie far away to-night,
    Listening with my dear;
  • 2.
    (To J.S. and A.W.S.)

    In entering the town, where the bright river
  • 3.
    SEPTEMBER 1910

    (For a Solemn Music)

  • 4.
    The snow had fallen many nights and days;
    The sky was come upon the earth at last,
    Sifting thinly down as endlessly
    As though within the system of blind planets
  • 5.
    (To T.S.M.)

  • 6.

  • 7.
    What poets sang in Atlantis? Who can tell
    The epics of Atlantis or their names?
    The sea hath its own murmurs, and sounds not
    The secrets of its silences beneath,
  • 8.
    Lost towers impend, copeless primeval props
    Of the new threatening sky, and first rude digits
    Of awe remonstrance and uneasy power
    Thrust out by man when speech sank back in his throat:
  • 9.
    Midsummer Eve

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