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George Sigerson (11 January 1836 – 17 February 1925) was an Irish physician, scientist, writer, politician and poet. He was a leading light in the Irish Literary Revival of the late 19th century in Ireland.

Doctor and scientist

Sigerson was born at Holy Hill, near Strabane in County Tyrone, the son of William and Nancy (née Neilson) Sigerson. He had had three brothers James, John and William, and three sisters, Ellen, Jane and Mary Ann. He attended Letterkenny Academy but was sent by his father, William, who developed the spade mill and who played an active role in the development of Artigarvan, to complete his education in France.He studied medicine at the Queen's College, Galway, and Queen's College, Cork, and took his degree in 1859. He then went to Paris whe...
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George Sigerson Poems

  • Cuchullain's Lament Over Fardiad
    Play was each, pleasure each,
    Until Fardiad faced the beach;
    One had been our student life,
    One in strife of school our place,...
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Battle 1 Mountain 1 Gold 1 Pure 1 Cold 1 Bright 1 Play 1 Place 1 Shade 1 Beach 1

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Centuryirl: scientist and writer, dr. george sigerson resigns from seanad due to threats, amid continued attacks on politicians’ homes and businesses this week in 1923
100yearsagonews: feb. 5, 1923: george sigerson, at 86 the oldest member of ireland's senate and a longtime campaigner for irish independence, resigns out of fear he will be a victim of ira terrorism for having supported the treaty with the british.
131weeks: 5th february 1923 dr. george sigerson, noted cultural nationalist, resigns from the seanad. he had received threats from the ira to burn his home. given the ongoing spate of the destruction of prominent houses in ireland, he decided not to put his family or patients at risk
Real_james_hogg: and my favourite, a perfect song by george sigerson:
Irishphilosophy: irish philosopher george sigerson was following earlier attributions of the work to an irishman. his translation is here
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