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Sigerson, circa 1922. George Sigerson (11 January 1836 – 17 February 1925) was an Irish physician, scientist, writer, politician and poet. He was a leading light in the Irish Literary Revival of the late 19th century in Ireland.

Doctor and scientist Sigerson was born at Holy Hill, near Strabane in County Tyrone, the son of William and Nancy (née Neilson) Sigerson. He had had three brothers James, John and William, and three sisters, Ellen, Jane a...
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George Sigerson Poems

  • Cuchullain's Lament Over Fardiad
    Play was each, pleasure each,
    Until Fardiad faced the beach;
    One had been our student life,
    One in strife of school our place,...
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Battle 1 Mountain 1 Gold 1 Pure 1 Cold 1 Bright 1 Play 1 Place 1 Shade 1 Beach 1

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  • Ucc_gaa: november 1st 2019 billy and micheál mccarthy with george sigerson and edwin fitzgibbon
  • Ruthcan75563366: one interesting fact about the battle of clontarf is that, according to the 19c historian george sigerson (himself of viking descent) it was fought all over the north side of dublin - right up to the old bridge of dublin beside where the four courts are today!
  • Ucd_biosoc: maybe luke o’neill is right, and you can hear him speak with us on march 25th over zoom! we’re awarding him the george sigerson award for inspiring aspiring scientists, our honorary society award; be sure to save a spot with the eventbrite link in our bio!
  • Thepainterflynn: today in 1836 george sigerson, physician, professor and writer, is born near strabane, co. tyrone
  • Ucd_biosoc: our george sigerson award event with nobel laureate prof. ada yonath was an incredible success! it was such an honour to host this event as well as present this award to prof. yonath. thank you to all who attended, and especially to prof. yonath for speaking with us!
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