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artlude: Models part of music video— Linda Evangelista, Nadja Auermann, Beverly Peele, Shana Zadrick,Estelle Lefebure and Tyra Banks all wearing Thierry Mugler pictured with George Michael wearing Jean Paul Gaultier (which Mugler quite didn't like)

DiscussingFilm: ‘AVATAR 3’, ‘SONIC 3’ and Jordan Peele’s next film all release in December 2024 in theaters. See what other movies just got release dates:

BeyondShakes: The growing playlist of episodes of The Merry Conceited Jests of George Peele can be found via this handy list. Subscribe to the podcast on your podcatcher of choice and get new episodes every week! Full cast audio, discussion, readings, explorations...

etodracPedro: Melhor Direção: - George Miller (Three Thousand Years of Longing) - Jordan Peele (Nope) - Carolina Mankowicz (Carvão) - Laura Poitras (All The Beauty and The Bloodshed) - Serge Bozon (Don Juan) - Terence Davies (Benediction)

Anupu_: 7 diretores pra me conhecer George Romero Jordan Peele Ridley Scott Edgar Wright Lana & Lilly Wachowski Martin Scorcese Greta Gerwig

TomWill72550626: George Peele, the supposed cowriter of Titus Andronicus(leave that to the lovely deverers to let me know if thats a fact), as anthologized in WH Auden's lovely anthology of Light Verse:

slimegirlmarx2: conservatives have added key & peele to their list of “anti woke comedy” along with george carlin and blazing saddles

BenjiWolters57: 7 Favorite Directors to Get to Know Me 1) Guillermo del Toro 2) John Carpenter 3) Christopher Columbus 4) Jordan Peele 5) George Lucas 6) Steven Spielberg 7) M Knight Shamalan

DigoFreitasHQ: 7 directors to know me Riddley Scott Sam Raimi Spielberg Jordan Peele Stallone George Miller Jorge Furtado

DaveJLester: 7 directors to get to know me: Joel/ Ethan Coen Martin Scorsese Terrence Malick Jordan Peele Debra Granik (Leave No Trace is great!) Steven Spielberg George Lucas (Original trilogy)

by_mariocazarin: 7 directors to get to know me -Chloe Zhao -Greta Gerwig -Rian Johnson -Luca Guadagnino -Wes Anderson -Jordan Peele -George Lucas

OpungZap: 10 Favorite directors to get to know me: 1. David Lynch 2. George Lucas 3. Edwin 4. Jean Luc Godard 5. Taika Waititi 6. The Daniels 7. Steven Spielberg 8. Ridley Scott 9. John Watters 10. Jordan Peele

pearceduncan: 10 directors to get to know me: (no particular order) Shinya Tsukamoto Howard Hawks Claire Denis Hayao Miyazaki David Cronenberg Jordan Peele Ishiro Honda Julia Ducoirnau Orson Welles George Miller

DuncanSalkeld: Mathew Shakespeare of St. John's St, Clerkenwell, 1587. He'd married Isabel Peele in 1569 (probably George's sister).

dshif: they mic'd up Eric Bieniemy while he was meeting players and he did the Key and Peele thing lol

HalKitchen1: What’s your personal Best Director lineup? 1. Park Chan-wook, “Decision to Leave” 2. Charlotte Wells, “Aftersun” 3. Sarah Polley, “Women Talking” 4. Jordan Peele, “Nope” 5. George Miller, “Three Thousand Years of Longing”

JohnSantilli: Why ‘The Black Guy Dies First’ in Horror Movies - Rolling Stone

Mandahl: Why ‘The Black Guy Dies First’ in Horror Movies – Rolling Stone

MarlowNYC: Why 'The Black Guy Dies First' in Horror Movies

RollingStone: REVIEW: Authors Dr. Robin R. Means Coleman and Mark H. Harris trace the history of the troubling horror-movie trope in their revealing new book “The Black Guy Dies First."

RollingStone: “Unlike ‘The Black Guy,’ Black horror has managed to not only survive but thrive.”

itsthatharry: In case anyone wants to know the films are: Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (dir. George C. Wolfe - 2020) Hidden Figures (dir. Theodore Melfi - 2017) Us (dir. Jordan Peele - 2019) If Beale Street Could Talk (dir. Barry Jenkins - 2018)


joey281l: Just re-watched Us. Watching Nope for the first time tomorrow. Is Jordan Peele the new George Romero?

JamesNa12110457: This why some of my favorite people on this planet are comedians their smart people they keep up with current events their self-aware, smart, clever n hilarious. Chappelle, Bill Burr, kat Williams, George Carlin, key n Peele are just a few that I enjoy.

hugolowell: New via Wash Post: Justice Dept has asked the Federal Election Commission to hold off on any enforcement action against George Santos — the clearest sign to date that federal prosecutors are examining Santos’s campaign finances.

BrianIsTired: Walter White Walker Texas Ranger Rick James Dean Martin Luther King George Michael Jordan Peele

college_kumaran: Let not my beauty’s fire Inflame unstaid desire, Nor pierce any bright eye That wandereth lightly – George Peele

TCIIIESQ: This is like the Key and Peele Angry Obama translator skit. Eddie George was Obama and Ed Reed was Angry Obama.

NahidAlaei: George Clooney Is Spotted at Jimmy Kimmel Live, Plus Keke Palmer, Jordan Peele and More

simonsaybrams: George Santos is just the KEY AND PEELE assembly speaker who can’t stop lying about his past even as he lectures kids about “CON-SE-QUEN-CES!” “I did a drive-by at my own sister's quinceanera. And then.....I got sucked into a wormhole.”

TinaFeyFansclub: Star Tracks: George Clooney, Keke Palmer, Jordan Peele [PHOTOS] - PEOPLE

people: George Clooney Is Spotted at Jimmy Kimmel Live, Plus Keke Palmer, Jordan Peele and More

caleb_cave: My Top 10 Favorite Directors (In no particular order) Edgar Wright Rian Johnson James Gunn Sam Raimi Christopher Nolan Jordan Peele George Miller Bong Joon-Ho Amy Sherman-Palladino Guillermo del Toro

Mark_Truesdale: In George Peele's play 'Edward I' (c. 1590), Prince Lluellen and his followers decide to play at being Robin Hood and his merry men mid-revolt. As one would.

sickcris: Pelis: -Men(Alex Garland) -Speak No evil (Christian Tafdrup) -The Northman (Robert Eggers) -Everything Everywhere All at... (The Daniels) -Nop (Jordan Peele) -The Batman (Matt Reeves) -X (Ti West) -Triangle of Sadness (Ruben Östlund) -Three Thousand Years of... (George Miller)

moonandroses_: 5. Everything Everywhere All at Once. Dir. Daniel Scheinert, Daniel Kwan. 6. Elvis. Dir. Baz Luhrmann. 7. Nope. Dir. Jordan Peele. 8. Three Thousand Years of Longing. Dir. George Miller.

eggs_acid: God Babylon is so good! The cherry on top of a year filled with studios letting great directors (George Miller, Chazelle, Andrew Dominik, Gina Prince Bythwood, James Cameron, Jordan Peele, Alex Garland, Luca Guadagnino, Spielberg, Baz Lutheran) piss away endless amounts of money

TheFinalGirly: In order: Mad Max Fury road (2016) Dir. George Miller Nope (2022) Dir. Jordan Peele Dog day afternoon (1975) Dir. Sidney Lumet Fallen Angels (1995) Dir. Wong Kar-wai

ryansonofsander: NOPE - Arguably Peele's best film, as much George Saunders as John Carpenter. A million disparate pieces somehow draw the viewer to a better understanding of their relationship with entertainment and their own fantasies.

cinemattie: Honorable mentions: TURNING RED (Domee Shi, USA) WE'RE ALL GOING TO THE WORLD'S FAIR (Jane Schoenbrun, USA) THREE THOUSAND YEARS OF LONGING (George Miller, Australia) BONES AND ALL (Luca Gudagnino, USA) NOPE (Jordan Peele, USA)

george_slapps: Also, “Nope”, Peele continues his good streak with a brilliantly original and richly thematically layered blockbuster. My controversial take: Garland’s “Men” was actually really really good. Didn’t get as much attention as I think it should’ve and that’s a shame.

calypso_mind: Tyra Banks, Linda Evangelista, George Michael and Eva Herzigova, Beverly Peele pose during the "Too Funky" video shoot circa 1992 in Paris

clairecmc: This would all have been exposed before the election if local newspapers were not running on fumes. For most of my career in politics, local journalists would have uncovered this during the campaign…not after votes had been cast. This is a big problem.

timaskaretep: In 2022 we got new movies from luminaries such as Speilberg Cameron Miller (George) del Toro Cronenberg Aronofsky as well as entries from Coogler Peele The Daniels Chazelle Johnson (Rian) Guadagnino McDonagh Eggers Waititi Östlund Solid year for cinema, 2022

BeyondShakes: Latest release, the first of many merry conceited jests of George Peele. Not that there's any particularly good reason to suppose these stories are true. But they are, mostly merry. And George is a tad conceited, in both the modern and pre-modern meaning.

boutte_shana: With my favorite Bad Santa, Orange Peel George Peele

masonscotcam: Could've had Todd Field, either of the Daniels, Jordan Peele, Baz Luhrmann, George Miller, Halina Reijn, and they chose Taylor Swift bc she directed a music video lmao

FGMonkeyBizness: When is the Silent Hills game directed by Hideo Kojima and Jordan Peele, with art direction by Junji Ito, co-written by George RR Martin

BeyondShakes: This Friday we begin our monthly releases of The Merry Conceited Jests of George Peele, a full audio reading, performed by Sarah Blake. Get a preview of this new series as we discuss the text with Sarah, plus a look at our patron exclusives online now.

HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN: With Jordan Peele.

ThaOnlyLonewolf: Inspired by the greats: George Lucas & Jordan Peele, with some Tarantino

BeyondShakes: Day 1 of the Beyond advent calendar – explore the strange and wonderful world of… George Peele – playwright and pageant creator. Old Wives' Tale, Edward I, King John, The Arraignment of Paris... we could go on...

BeyondShakes: What's coming out in December on the Beyond podcast? Well... we have the full cast audio adaptation of Ludius and Dubius, The Jests of George Peele, & the pilot history show This is... 1583, looking at a year in history/drama. Subscribe on your podcatcher!

MaryMcMyne: Wrote my first William Shakespeare scene today! With Kit Marlowe, George Peele, and a woman of commerce in Shoreditch. I CANNOT BELIEVE I GET TO WRITE THIS BOOK

BathTubBum: 2022 going down as one for the cinema history books. New films from Jordan Peele, Robert Eggers, The Daniels, Baz Luhrmann, George Miller, Park Chan-Wook, Ruben Ostlund, Todd Field, Martin McDonagh, James Gray, Luca Guadagnino, Darren Aronofsky, Sam Mendes, Kore-Eda,

APoisonedDonut: Okay late night thoughts, but ideas for actors for a stop motion film adaptation of the Beetlejuice musical: Betelgeuse: Jack Black Lydia: China Anne McClaine Adam: Danny Pudi Barbara: Amy Adams Charles: Jordan Peele Delia: Wendie Malick Otho: George Takei Anyways goodnight

MisterCoat: While we're here, Chris Noonan directed "Babe", not George Miller. Nia DaCosta directed "Candyman", not Jordan Peele. Peter Ramsey, Bob Persichetti and Rodney Rothman directed "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse", not Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

WhoDaBard: Addendum to Robert Prechter's Talk on George Peele & Edward de Vere

PhilipLeventhal: Just in time for Halloween! An interview w/ Adam Lowenstein, author of HORROR FILM & OTHERNESS, on George Romero's influence on Jordan Peele, why he decided to study horror, and much more.

rudygamble: Raheem Blackshear sounds like a player featured on the Key & Peele East/West Bowl episode if it was co-written by George RR Martin

BeyondShakes: We attempted to capture a sense of the event in our look at the 1585 Lord Mayor's Show, which benefits from eye witness accounts of the show, but also the swearing in at Westminster, and the dinner at the Guildhall. Crowded. It was very crowded.

gogophyllo: Addendum to Robert Prechter's Talk on George Peele & Edward de Vere

WhoDaBard: Addendum to Robert Prechter's Talk on George Peele & Edward de Vere

BeyondShakes: Popping back into the 16th century today, the podcast premiere of our full(ish) cast audio adaptation of the 1591 Lord Mayor's Show. It's our second George Peele outing, with sea nymphs and the personification of Astraea, to save the English sheep. 21/~

Burner_Peele: Clippers have George, Khawi, Jackson, Wall, Morris, Zubac. Lakers have Lebron and Lonnie Walker lol

bobsurlaw: Thinking about my favorite directors, excluding people who've only made 1 or 2 movies, it's probably George Romero, David Lynch, Stephen Spielberg (YES I KNOW THAT'S TOO NORMAL), Ishiro Honda, Jordan Peele (only 3 movies but wow are they all great)

Fanzine_com: Patrick Vieira x Key and Peele

BeyondShakes: Coming soon to the pod, our full cast audio look at the 1591 Lord Mayor's Show, Descensus Astraea by George Peele. We haven't added lots of sheep to the sound mix... yet. Will do so if there is audience demand. Early access now for our patrons. 12a/~

culturaltutor: 13. King John (1596) Heavily based on George Peele’s 1589 play The Troublesome Reign of King John. That play itself draws on Holinshed’s Chronicles and Foxe’s Book of Martyrs.

RandomAmzn: Histrio-mastix. 1610

CUBuffs: AD Rick George announced that the Colorado Buffaloes will part ways with head football coach Karl Dorrell. The process of searching for a replacement begins immediately. Full Release:

forcemarker: If earlier in the year you would’ve told me that I would end up liking Bodies x 3 more than the new Jordan Peele AND the new George Miller , I would’ve called you crazy

ai_curio_bot: jordan peele arm wrestling george romero photographed by cindy sherman

MashaSheep: the theme of George and Peele film Nope is sometimes you can’t control things and those things are monkeys and vore aliens

BrandonLawless3: George Lucas, Roger Deakins, Jordan Peele

MashedUpMovies: The Help, starring Charlie Chaplin. Co-starring Mickey Mouse, directed by Jordan Peele, music by George Harrison. Budget: $75m

George_B_Writes: Jim Cummings Cooper Raiff Greta Gerwig Jordan Peele Jeff Nichols

beniverse_media: Favorite movie of 2017: Get Out When we look back at this year, this is going to be remembered as the Get Out year. Peele’s directorial debut is a triumph in storytelling! Thrilling and unnervingly funny, Get Out is the spiritual successor to Kubrick and George A. Romero!

theApolloCinema: Lots to be excited about at the Apollo with the Clap Back Queens on "Easy A", "Donnie Darko" as part of Teenage Kicks and "Marie Antoinette" as High Tea Cinema. Not to mention new Jordan Peele ("Nope") and George Miller ("Thee Thousand Years of Longing"). What will you see?

Epithymia__: Tyra Banks & Beverly Peele on set of George Michael's "Too Funky" music video (1992).

Epithymia__: Tyra Banks & Beverly Peele on set of George Michael's "Too Funky" music video (1992).

BDisgusting: Here's the official poster for Wendell & Wild, the brand new stop-motion movie from Nightmare Before Christmas director Henry Selick. The movie was co-written by Jordan Peele!

DrCisco: (in viewing order) American Graffiti (George Lucas, 1973) The Long Goodbye (Robert Altman, 1973) Nope (Jordan Peele, 2022) Serpico (Sidney Lumet, 1973) (Pacino at his daddiest)

CaptArschkarte: I am not the biggest fan of KEANU (The Key & Peele cat movie) but I appreciate how the George Michael running gag starts as "Haha, black man is listening to white music" but then quickly turns into an honest appreciation of him as an artist.

aManAboutFilm: I'd love to live in a world where Miller has the kind of name recognition that Spielberg, Scorsese, Nolan or Peele have, but tell ten people George Miller has a new movie out, maybe two or three get excited. Tell ten people the FURY ROAD director has a new film out, most are in

mvbrat91: Wes Craven Chloe Zhao Taika Waititi John Carpenter James Wan Ryan Coogler Domee Shi George Romero Jordan Peele Nia DaCosta

AlanSmitheeChi: Trenutna: Christopher Nolan David Fincher Steven Spielberg George Lucas Denis Villeneuve Jordan Peele Damien Chazelle Clint Eastwood Coens Woody Allen

NickAdamsinUSA: George Soros is the face of evil!

Superfan_K: Zack Snyder Bong Joon-Ho Martin Scorsese Antoine Fuqua James Cameron Guillermo Del Toro Barry Jenkins Jordan Peele Denis Villenueve Ava Duvernay Honorable Mentions: Christopher Nolan, Steve McQueen, Katheryn Bigelow, Julia Hart, George Miller, Rob Zemeckis, Steven Spielberg

lcarlxx: Zack Snyder Christopher Nolan Edgar Wright David Fincher Denis Villeneuve Quentin Tarantino Damien Chazzele Jordan Peele Noah Baumbach George Lucas

george_idiyalu: Nope was solid, some of Peele’s best work

fidematt: Best Directors. 1.Martin Scorsese. 2.Quentin Tarantino 3.Coen Brothers. 4.Steven Spielberg 5.Christopher Nolan 6.Jordan Peele

theprogressive: In Jordan Peele’s third feature, chasing the spectacular is a double-edged sword. With the exception of the movie’s oft-exclaimed title, “spectacle” might be the most frequently used word in Nope.

mvbrat91: First Wes Craven in the theater: First John Carpenter in the theater: First James Wan in the theater: First Tobe Hooper In the theater: First George Romero in the theater: First Jordan Peele in the theater: First Leigh Whannell in the theater:

obituary_bot: George Peele, 40 (English translator, poet, and dramatist) 1556—1596 George Peele was an English translator, poet, and dramatist, who is most noted for his supposed but not universally accepted collaboration with William Shakespeare on the play Titus Andronicus RIP

KlippySzn: i had a dream last night jordan peele made a modern version of hamlet with daniel kaluuya and george clooney

MarceloJPico: Jordan Peele’s George A. Romero’s Twilight of the Dead

goliaththemouse: I hate movies it's not fun and like hallucinating in front of a good book but I am really loving Jordan Peele. I mostly only and exclusively watch George Lucas, Quinten Tarantino, Akrias Kurosawa, Sergio leone. I think it's a pretty good addition to my watch list

taever3badc: - George A. Romero - John Carpenter - Jordan Peele - James Wan - Wes Craven

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