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  • The Water-fiends
    On a wild Moor, all brown and bleak,
    Where broods the heath-frequenting grouse,
    There stood a tenement antique;
    Lord Hoppergollop's country house. ...
  • Lodgings For Single Gentlemen
    Who has e'er been in London, that overgrown place,
    Has seen "Lodgings to Let" stare him full in the face:
    Some are good, and let dearly; while some, 'tis well known,
    Are so dear, and so bad, they are best let alone. ...
  • My Night-gown And Slippers
    TOM, DICK, and WILL, were little known to Fame;--
    No matter;--
    But to the Ale-house, oftentimes, they came,
    To chatter. ...
  • The Knight And The Friar. Part First. - Sir Thomas Erpingham's[6] Sonnet On His Lady

    Such star-like lustre lights her Eyes,
    They must have darted from a Sphere, ...
  • The Elder Brother.
    Centrick, in London noise, and London follies,
    Proud Covent Garden blooms, in smoky glory;
    For chairmen, coffee-rooms, piazzas, dollies,
    Cabbages, and comedians, fame'd in story! ...
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