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  • O Child Beside The Waterfall
    O Child beside the Waterfall
    what songs without a word
    rise from those waters like the call
    only a heart has heard- ...
  • Morning In Norfolk
    As it has for so long
    come wind and all weather
    the house glimmers among
    the mists of a little ...
  • Sonnet To My Mother
    Most near, most dear, most loved, and most far,
    Under the huge window where I often found her
    Sitting as huge as Asia, seismic with laughter,
    Gin and chicken helpless in her Irish hand, ...
  • January Jumps About
    January jumps about
    in the frying pan
    trying to heat
    his frozen feet ...
  • Summer Song
    I looked into my heart to write
    And found a desert there.
    But when I looked again I heard
    Howling and proud in every word ...
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Domitiaenobaria: wait what the…? why? why are you doing this? why should people move away from george barker?
Bobandroberta: george lionel barker returns to the make your own damn music show……. on bass
Ticket_va: george barker, d-fairfax, for governor. alfonso lopez, d-arlington, for lieutenant governor. mehmet oz, r-new jersey, for attorney general.
Afcportchester: full time - afc portchester 3 meon milton 1 george barker with our third goal. apologies for lack of updates in second half - twitter admin managed to cut his leg badly at half time and was detained with an ambulance crew for the second period.
Shady_inf0: ‘oleg deripaska has acted as a proxy for the russian state & russian intelligence services.’ this is who lord barker and now (via robey warshaw) george osborne is acting on behalf of.
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