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  • An Idyl Of The Period. In Two Parts

    "Come right in. How are you, Fred? ...
  • Auto-da-fe

    Oh, just burning up some old papers,
    They do make a good deal of smoke: ...
  • Les Enfants Perdus
    What has become of the children all?
    How have the darlings vanished?
    Fashion's pied piper, with magical air,
    Has wooed them away, with their flaxen hair ...
  • Matinal Musings
    Ten o'clock! Well, I'm sure I can't help it!
    I'm up go away from the door!
    Now, children, I'll speak to your mother
    If you pound there like that any more. ...
  • After The German. A Sophomore Soliloquy
    Blackboard, with ruler and rubber before me,
    Chalk loosely held in my hand,
    Sun-gilded motes in the air all around me,
    Listlessly dreaming I stand. ...
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