Who is Gaius Valerius Catullus

The 1888 play Lesbia by Richard Davey depicts the relationship between Catullus and Lesbia, based on incidents from his poems.Catullus was the main protagonist of the historical novel Farewell, Catullus (1953) by Pierson Dixon. The novel shows the corruption of the Roman society.A poem by Catullus is being recited to Cleopatra in the eponymous 1963 film when Julius Caesar comes to visit her; they talk about him (Cleopatra: 'Catullus doesn't approve of you. Why haven't you had him killed?' Caesar: 'Because I approve of him.') and Caesar then recites other poems by him....
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Gaius Valerius Catullus Poems

  • Let-s Live And Love: To Lesbia
    Let us live, my Lesbia, let us love,
    and all the words of the old, and so moral,
    may they be worth less than nothing to us!
    Suns may set, and suns may rise again: ...
  • Lesbia Railing
    LESBIA forever on me rails.
    To talk of me, she never fails.
    Now, hang me, but for all her art,
    I find that I have gained her heart. ...
  • Driven Across Many Nations
    Driven across many nations, across many oceans,
    I am here, my brother, for this final parting,
    to offer at last those gifts which the dead are given
    and to speak in vain to your unspeaking ashes, ...
  • Lesbia-s Sparrow
    All you Loves and Cupids cry
    and all you men of feeling
    my girlâ??s sparrow is dead,
    my girlâ??s beloved sparrow. ...
  • Invitation: To Fabullus
    Youâ??ll dine well, in a few days, with me,
    if the gods are kind to you, my dear Fabullus,
    and if you bring lots of good food with you,
    and donâ??t come without a pretty girl ...
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Love 14 I Love You 14 Girl 10 Brother 7 Sad 6 Never 6 Great 6 Mind 6 Happy 5 Farewell 5

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  • Neil_luxvera: "it is difficult at once to relinquish a long-cherished love." - catullus (gaius valerius catullus)
  • Thatclassicist: the latest episode of the latin podcast takes a quick look into the life of gaius valerius catullus.
  • Thatclassicist: new episode available now. learn a little more about gaius valerius catullus.
  • Mckenna_claire: til - catullus 16: pēdīcābo ego vōs et irrumābō ("i will sodomize and face-f*ck you") is the first line, sometimes used as a title, of carmen 16 in the collected poems of gaius valerius catullus (from wikipedia.)
  • Astronautdrank: i hate and desire. how can i do it? perhaps you ask. i dunno, but it happens, i feel it, it tears me up. -gaius valerius catullus
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