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dhami: Book club options: Fyodor Sologub's The Petty Demon Philip K. Dick's Valis Goethe's Theory of Colours Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o's Wizard of the Crow Jessie Redmon Fauset's "There Is Confusion"

oldmlk: She’s left behind her a sweet scent of rose and lilac, and the feeling of two gentle kisses— Fyodor Sologub, from “The Little Demon,”

EugieReven: Along with Alexander Blok, Fyodor Sologub was a leader of the Russian Symbolism in poetry during the Silver Age. Best known for his novel "The Little Demon", Sologub introduced the Decadent movement into the Russian literature.

fugglewump: Elena whispered: “And what will I do?” Pyotr spoke confusedly: “You? What do you mean, you?” —Fyodor Sologub, Smoke and Ashes

SanjaGrozdanic: "No, my dear contemporaries, it is about you that I have written my novel" – Fyodor Sologub with the perfect foreword, everyone else is a coward

AradHack: I’m reading The Little Demon by Fyodor Sologub. What’s everyone else reading?

______hmg______: books i enjoyed this year: Fyodor Sologub - The Little Demon RK Narayan - The Guide Vladislav Khodasevich - Necropolis Cao Naiqian - There's Nothing I Can Do When I Think of You Late at Night

dave_petr: Standard Ebooks has released a new title. Short Fiction, by Fyodor Sologub

gasfacebot: Fyodor Sologub gets the gasface

DonaldWin_: From Fyodor Sologub's preface to The Little Demon.

inacawl: to show everyone that he was a man of liberal ideas, although in reality he had neither ideas nor any inclination w...

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