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  • He Sleeps At Last
    He sleeps at last! The vales of rest
    Are waiting for the war-worn breast,
    And glorious angels fondly spread
    The sweetest roses for his bed. ...
  • Discontent
    The sun comes up in the east
    And the sun goes down in the west,
    And man to me is a heartless beast
    And the world has only a savage breast. ...
  • Sweet Fairies From The Isles Of Song
    Sweet fairies from the isles of song,
    Bewitching choirs from music land,
    The pleasures of your wondrous band
    Once wooed me from the ways of wrong; ...
  • To One Who Pledged Her Friendship
    Within this false world we may count ourselves blest,
    If we have but one friend who is faithful and true;
    And so in your friendship contented I'll rest,
    And believe I have found that one blessing in you....
  • Lo, All The Age Is Rank With Wrong
    Lo, all the age is rank with wrong!
    The nations kneel to monstrous might,
    And horrid cries that haunt the night,
    Have hushed the notes of happy song; ...
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