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  • Witchery
    Out of the purple drifts,
    From the shadow sea of night,
    On tides of musk a moth uplifts
    Its weary wings of white....
  • Love's Springtide
    My heart was winter-bound until
    I heard you sing;
    O voice of Love, hush not, but fill
    My life with Spring!...
  • Bacchus
    Listen to the tawny thief,
    Hid beneath the waxen leaf,
    Growling at his fairy host,
    Bidding her with angry boast...
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Rose 2 Paradise 2 Ghost 1 Angel 1 Kiss 1 Heart 1 Alone 1 Beneath 1 Yellow 1 Busy 1

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Bordercollies: it's 'national daisy day' today. daisies by frank dempster sherman at evening when i go to bed i see the stars shine overhead; they are the little daisies white that dot the meadow of the night. and often while i'm dreaming so, across the sky the moon will go;
Domesticceocat: poem by frank dempster sherman. stones from this (adriatic sea) beach and almond from my nono’s old garden on the same island.
Flusteredduck: october by frank dempster sherman
Sangitaghalay: the sky is full of clouds to-day, and idly, to and fro, like sheep across the pasture, they across the heavens go... - frank dempster sherman
Rhaellasong: of a work mysterious nature has performed for us. hark! the honey-bee’s low hum tells us that the summer’s come! –frank dempster sherman (1860–1916)
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