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Francis Edward Ledwidge (19 August 1887 – 31 July 1917) was an Irish war poet and soldier from County Meath. Sometimes known as the "poet of the blackbirds", he was killed in action at the Battle of Passchendaele during World War I.

Early life Ledwidge was born at Janeville, Slane, in Ireland, the eighth of nine children in a poverty-stricken family. His parents, Patrick Ledw...
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Francis Ledwidge Poems

  • The Wife Of Llew
    And Gwydion said to Math, when it was Spring:
    "Come now and let us make a wife for Llew."
    And so they broke broad boughs yet moist with dew,
    And in a shadow made a magic ring: ...
  • A Little Boy In The Morning
    He will not come, and still I wait.
    He whistles at another gate
    Where angels listen. Ah I know
    He will not come, yet if I go ...
  • After Court Martial
    My mind is not my mind, therefore
    I take no heed of what men say,
    I lived ten thousand years before
    God cursed the town of Nineveh. ...
  • Behind The Closed Eye
    I walk the old frequented ways
    That wind around the tangled braes,
    I live again the sunny days
    Ere I the city knew. ...
  • Thoughts At The Trysting Stile
    Come, May, and hang a white flag on each thorn,
    Make truce with earth and heaven; the April child
    Now hides her sulky face deep in the morn
    Of your new flowers by the water wild ...
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Comments about Francis Ledwidge

  • War_poets: 18 may 1916 francis ledwidge has been on leave. his leave is now up, but instead of reporting to his regiment in derry he went to richmond barracks in dublin and demanded an extension.
  • Edmac860: bono is no francis ledwidge. that's for sure.
  • War_poets: 4 may 1916 francis ledwidge writes to bob christie, who had been wounded at gallipoli and evacuated ‘we had a terrific time since you left us. it was hell! hell!! hell!!! we lost two-thirds of our men on the day you were wounded, several more the next day'
  • War_poets: 21 april 1915 francis ledwidge writes to lizzie healy ‘we are off to the war at the end of this week. our king and country need us at last. we leave here about saturday, or sunday morning, for reading, england'
  • War_poets: 20 april 1916 francis ledwidge, in hospital in manchester, writes to lord dunsany ‘i arrived in england late last night. i cannot tell you how glad i was to return to western civilisation once again'
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