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France Prešeren (pronounced [fɾanˈtsɛ pɾɛˈʃeːɾən] (listen)) (2 or 3 December 1800 – 8 February 1849) was a 19th-century Romantic Slovene poet whose poems have been translated into many languages.He has been considered the greatest Slovene classical poet and has inspired later Slovene literature. He wrote the first Slovene ballad and the first Slovene epic. After his death, he became the leading name of the Slovene literary canon.He tied together the motifs of his own unhappy love with that of an unhappy, subjugated homeland. Especially after World War II in the Slovene Lands, one of Prešeren's motifs, the "hostile fortune", has been adopted by Slovenes as a national myth, and Prešeren has been described being as ubiquitous as the air in Slovene culture.Prešeren lived in con...
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France Preseren Poems

  • A Wreath Of Sonnets (9/14)
    They were all fed on many a plaint and tear
    The humble blooms on my Parnassus grown;
    My tears of love flowed not for you alone,
    But also for the land I hold so dear....
  • A Wreath Of Sonnets (5/14)
    They come from where no man can sunshine find -
    Not from those regions by your glance caressed,
    Where all the cares of this world are at rest,
    And sweet oblivion follows close behind;...
  • A Wreath Of Sonnets (2/14)
    A record of my pain and of your praise
    Will this be to Slovenes as yet unborn,
    When moss shall grow upon my tomb forlorn,
    And over all that grieves me and dismays;...
  • A Wreath Of Sonnets (6/14)
    Unblest by soothing winds of warmer days,
    My songs remain, since from you, haughty maid,
    They never won the word that might be said -
    The word that neither saddens nor dismays....
  • A Wreath Of Sonnets (7/14)
    Above them savage peaks the mountains raise,
    Like those which once were charmed by the refrain
    Of Orpheus, when his lyre stirred hill and plain,
    And Haemus' crags and the wild folk of Thrace....
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Kulambq: 'god's blessing on all nations, who long and work for that bright day, when o'er earth's habitations no war, no strife shall hold its sway; who long to see that all men free no more shall foes, but neighbours be.' ~ france prešeren, from 'a toast'
Profectabdi: ✨ we are based in slovenia, which today celebrates the cultural holiday, "prešeren day", named after france prešeren, the greatest slovene classical author.
Another_barbara: prešeren's day: "celebrated on february 8th. also known as culture day or the day of slovenian culture (...) this holiday commemorates the death of france prešeren (1800 - 1849), a slovene poet who is regarded as the greatest slovene classical author." and a work free day! ☺️
Iibuff: today people in slovenia celebrate prešeren day, a public holiday that honors the death of france prešeren, a slovene poet that is regarded by many as the greatest classical author in slovenia. the day also recognizes all slovene artists and cultural institutions
Llynneirwin: it’s prešeren day in slovenia on february 8! this day commemorates the death of slovene poet and the greatest slovene classical author france prešeren who died on february 8, 1849. learn more by using the link below.
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