Folorunsho Mike Rex Poems

  • 1.
    Do anybody knows what I want?
    I want life
    Life, not death again
    Did death even Possesses any gain?
  • 2.
    They all wanders in the middle of nowhere at Neverland
    surrounded by darkness in light; no faith, no culture, no type, no fate
    believer, atheist and pagan with one care
    neither sins nor hate, but love they all share
  • 3.
    It's not death or dying am afraid to see.
    but that I do not want afterlife to be eternal.
    when my pale dead body is facing up, I want but nothingness to see.
    I do not want consciousness to behold when I cross life's drowning sea.
  • 4.
    I was reading a book about him, because I got lost in his maze.

    The glimpse of rotten skulls, broken joints and stolen eyeballs got me agape.

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