Who is Fenyx

FeNyX was a band with no name. Then solo with no band, now a warrior soul tempered by a poppy's grace wisdom and love ... Writing has become like second nature I tend to babble in indecipherable codex scribbles ... https://www.facebook.com/AHZFeNyX...
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Fenyx Poems

  • Barbed
    I so want to immerse myself in soft velvet memories to
    Cushion the jaggedness of present truths unwanted
    Alas I fear my heart just will not stand the trip whole
    I Mourn more than souls tonight I mourn existence...
  • Swiss Cheese Consciousness With A Side Of Longing
    Swiss Cheese Consciousness With A Side Of Longing

    I lay down late
    Half sleep ...
  • Audienced
    I know I know I know
    But feelings ...

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Sleep 1 Oblivion 1 Mind 1 Early 1 Complete 1 Repeat 1 Universal 1 Succeed 1 Fear 1 Heart 1

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On Receiving One Of Gloriana-s Letters
 by Vachel Lindsay

Your pen needs but a ruffle
To be Pavlova whirling.
It surely is a scalawag
A-scamping down the page.
A pretty little May-wind
The morning buds uncurling.
And then the white sweet Russian,
The dancer of the age.

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