Who is Fenyx

FeNyX was a band with no name. Then solo with no band, now a warrior soul tempered by a poppy's grace wisdom and love ... Writing has become like second nature I tend to babble in indecipherable codex scribbles ... https://www.facebook.com/AHZFeNyX...
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Fenyx Poems

  • Barbed
    I so want to immerse myself in soft velvet memories to
    Cushion the jaggedness of present truths unwanted
    Alas I fear my heart just will not stand the trip whole
    I Mourn more than souls tonight I mourn existence...
  • Swiss Cheese Consciousness With A Side Of Longing
    Swiss Cheese Consciousness With A Side Of Longing

    I lay down late
    Half sleep ...
  • Audienced
    I know I know I know
    But feelings ...

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Sleep 1 Oblivion 1 Mind 1 Early 1 Complete 1 Repeat 1 Universal 1 Succeed 1 Fear 1 Heart 1

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Songs Set To Music: 16. Set By Mr. Smith
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Accept, my Love, as true a heart
As ever lover gave;
'Tis free (it vows) from my art,
And proud to be your slave.

Then take it kindly, as 'twas meant,
And let the giver live,
Who with it would the world have sent

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