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askwhybooks: »Countess Markievicz was aware of the need to bring the women into the trade union movement, and gave help in the early years of the Irish Women Workers’ Union, founded in 1911. Her sister, Eva Gore-Booth, the...

ireland: Here I am with the President, Sabina, my lovely mate and apparently another camera that I was looking at (I'm also cross-eyed so could be that). This was in London at an event honouring Eva Gore Booth - more on her another time!

RobertBohan: The Far Right thrives on ignorance. Both Countess Markievicz & Eva Gore-Booth campaigned for gay rights. Michael Collins, one of the greatest patriots, was gay. The theocracy of 20th C Ireland destroyed many gay lives.

RobertBohan: In 2016 Gore-Booth’s role was finally acknowledged by the Irish establishment when an Uachtarán noted her ‘integrated emancipatory instinct’ - See an overview here:

amyoh00: whos ur role model — Eva Gore-Booth I don't think I've mentioned that I love her before.

amyoh00: who’s a political inspiration of yours — Eva Gore-Booth she was a marvellous and wonderful woman that i coincidentally would like to marry a lot

wepmanchester1: Eva Gore-Booth ran a drama class with Alice Cooke & Elizabeth MacGowan, which staged their 1st performance of The Merchant of Venice on 28.6.1899. Louisa Smith said "We were a class of about 16 girls... machinists and we were rough….we enjoyed every minute of the rehearsals."

daynasarahk: Exploring Lissadell house, where Eva Gore-Booth used to wander...

IrishPhilosophy: From the less well known half of the poem about the Gore Booth sisters (one which perhaps invokes the changes they wanted to see). The life and philosophy of Eva Gore Booth

Wicipedia: Eva Gore-Booth

duqenglish: About fifteen miles from Sligo, on Sligo Bay, is Lissadell House, home of the aristocratic Gore-Booth family. Yeats was very close with sisters Eva Gore-Booth and Constance Markievicz, radical activists of the early 20th century.

RobertBohan: In 2016 Gore-Booth’s role was finally acknowledged by the Irish establishment when an Uachtaráin noted her ‘integrated emancipatory instinct’ - See an overview here:

IrishPhilosophy: Yeats friends included George Russell (AE)

LiveCanon: Re-reading Eva Gore Booth tonight - suffragist, social worker, campaigner... 'Free soul of fire, break down their chains and bars, Drive out those unclean phantoms of the brain, Till every living thing be friends again, And our lost earth true comrade to the stars'.

amyoh00: I love Eva Gore-Booth what a queer icon

IrishPhilosophy: From Ireland to Manchester: Eva Gore-Booth and women’s labour –

IWHCmanchester: Today in History - 22nd May 1870, Eva Gore-Booth is born in Lissadell, Co. Sligo

LucyLondon7: WW1 poet Eva Gore-Booth was born on 22nd May 1870. I have written up a post about Eva and her sister, Constance:

LissadellHouse: The Gore-Booth sisters, Eva and Constance

AntonioMinino: We received 4 noms!!! Doric Wilson Award for Intercultural Dialogue. Micheal Mac Liammoir Award for Outstanding performance by a male: Leo Goodman Eva Gore Booth Award for Outstanding performance by a female: Amanda Jones Oscar Wilde for Best New Writing: David Stallings

LissadellHouse: Here in the silent wood Beauty and Peace join hands at last And all the wars of the world have shrivelled and fallen away For the winds of an Unknown Will are blowing out of the vast And the soul of the world grows one with the lips that pity and pray Eva Gore-Booth

kokucenneti: Eva Gore-Booth (Poet) Born: Lissadell House, Ballinfull, Ireland Date of birth: 1870-05-22

RobertBohan: Connolly was a founder of the Irish trade union movement. The Irish Labour Party sees him as their founder too. Irish independence was conservative after the Rising & embraced a de facto theocracy. As a result both Connolly & Eva Gore-Booth’s views were later ignored.

RobertBohan: Here’s a brief overview of Eva Gore-Booth. Her campaign for LGBTQI rights was air-brushed out of the de facto theocracy. Both she & Connolly were revolutionary in vision, as well as practice, which did not sit with the de facto theocracy.

CDorer: Visit to Lissadell today to hear about the amazing Gore-Booth sisters. Both Constance and Eva years ahead of their time on gender politics

IrishPhilosophy: Includes Eva Gore-Booth.

txmandarita: LOL W. B. Yeats once considered proposing marriage to Eva Gore-Booth? Forever barking up the wrong trees, that one.

Hasserbine: Eva Gore Booth, sister of the more famous Constance, both of whom feature in Yeats' poetry. Suffragette and activist, probably responsible for getting her sister reprieved from the death sentence for her part in the Rising.

DanMulhall: The soul would know the rhythm and sound of time As men know music, cunning to divide Into dull bars a melody subli...

cathyby: In 1897 Eva Gore-Booth and Ester Roper were working in Manchester to unionise and get the vote for working women. T...

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