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Eric Schmidt Books, Eric Schmidt poetry book Trautman, Troutman Family, 1598-1998 Authors: Eric H. Troutman
Published Date: 1998
Chiefly a record of some of the descendants of Michael Trautmann. He was born ca. 1598 in Schriesheim, Germany, to Sebastian Trautmann and Catherina. He married Margaretha Dorn. She died 12 Oct 1654. They were the parents of at least six children. He married Barbara Kern 15 May 1655. She was born ca. 1624, the daughter of Barthel Kern. She died in 1666. They were the parents of five children. He married Anna Margaretha Scheppler 28 Jan 1668. He died 20 Apr 1684. Descendants immigrated to America ca. 1743.

Eric Schmidt Books, Eric Schmidt poetry book Rogue Valley Wine Authors: MJ Daspit, Eric Weisinger
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
Published Date: 2011-03-28
Categories: History
Winemaking in Oregon began more than 150 years ago when Peter Britt of Jacksonville brought grapevine cuttings from California to create his Valley View Vineyard. By 1890, the Southern Oregon State Board of Agriculture forecast a vineyard-dotted Rogue Valley to rival "the castled Rhine, the classical vales of Italy and the sunny slopes of France." But Prohibition, which became law in Oregon four years before the rest of the country, killed the nascent industry. Not until the 1970s, when Americans discovered a passion for wine, was winegrowing and winemaking in Southern Oregon's Rogue Valley reestablished. Pear orchards were converted to vineyards, and winemaking--not on a California scale, but rather in boutique wineries tucked away along scenic country roads--began anew and thrived.

Eric Schmidt Books, Eric Schmidt poetry book The CIAM Discourse on Urbanism, 1928-1960 Authors: Eric Paul Mumford
Publisher: MIT Press
Published Date: 2002
Categories: Architecture
The first history of the Congres Internationaux d'Architecture Moderne traces the development and promotion of its influential concept of the "Functional City."

Eric Schmidt Books, Eric Schmidt poetry book Baby, Let Me Follow You Down Authors: Eric Von Schmidt, Jim Rooney
Publisher: Univ of Massachusetts Press
Published Date: 1994
Categories: Music
This volume tells the story of the folk music community in Cambridge, Massachusetts, from its beginnings in living rooms and Harvard Square coffee houses in the late 1950s, to the heyday of the folk music revival in the early 1960s.

Eric Schmidt Books, Eric Schmidt poetry book It Happened One Pi Day Authors: Eric Schmidt, Michelle Schmidt, Mae Schmidt, Adam Schmidt
Publisher: Pao Publishing
Published Date: 2017-10
Unlock the hidden power of your mind to memorize numbers. Memorize Pi to 100 digits, 300 digits, 600? Train your mind for a lifetime of brain health, or even become a mental athlete. This book shows you the easy way to memorize pi, while at the same time giving you a PAO (Person Action Object) system that you can use to remember all of the numbers in your life. You will not only astound others by remembering hundreds of digits of pi, you will change the way that you see and remember numbers for the rest of your life.

Eric Schmidt Books, Eric Schmidt poetry book Lids and Nasolacrimal System Authors: Eric E. Schmidt
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann Medical
Published Date: 1997
Categories: Medical
By Eric E. Schmidt, OD

Eric Schmidt Books, Eric Schmidt poetry book Restless Souls Authors: Leigh Schmidt
Publisher: Harper Collins
Published Date: 2005-09-01
Categories: History
An intellectual and cultural history of a distinctly American brand of spirituality - from Emerson to Oprah - by today's leading scholar of American religious history.

Eric Schmidt Books, Eric Schmidt poetry book Stillness of Heart Authors: Eric Schmidt
Publisher: Publishamerica Incorporated
Published Date: 2005-10-01
Categories: Fiction
This book of poetry, Stillness of Heart, is Eric Schmidts first published work as a poet. The book reflects his attempt to distinguish the different avenues love can take in a persons life. These poems reveal all the different stages of love: the happy and sad, pleasure and pain, even honor and respect. Some of his poems discover the pain and despair love can bring into a persons life. Other poems talk about the love of friendship. Some declare the love felt for a spouse or a child. Once youve read the poems, reflect on your own life and the love found within it. Erics hope is that some of these poems will aid you in that self-reflection.

Eric Schmidt Books, Eric Schmidt poetry book Perceptual Existence Authors: Jesse Eric Schmidt
Publisher: Booksurge Llc
Published Date: 2004-10-29
Categories: Art
A collection of unique thoughts expressed through various poems and descriptive scenes.

Eric Schmidt Books, Eric Schmidt poetry book Consumer Rites Authors: Leigh Eric Schmidt
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Published Date: 1997-11-16
Categories: History
Reexamining the story of holidays in the United States, Leigh Schmidt shows that commercial appropriations of these occasions were actually as religious in form as they were secular. The new rituals of America's holiday bazaar offered a luxuriant merger of the holy and the profane - a heady blend of fashion and faith, merchandising and gift giving, profits and sentiments. In this richly illustrated book that captures both the blessings and ballyhoo of American holiday observances from the mid-eighteenth century through the twentieth, the author offers a reassessment of the "consumer rites" that various social critics have long decried for their spiritual emptiness and banal sentimentality.

Eric Schmidt Books, Eric Schmidt poetry book The New Digital Age Authors: Eric Schmidt, Jared Cohen
Publisher: Alfred a Knopf Incorporated
Published Date: 2013
Categories: Computers
Outlines a transformational vision of a connected world, drawing on expertise to address questions regarding power balances, the relationship between privacy and security, and the role of technology in combating or enabling terrorism.

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