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I AM EMMANUEL ANANUKWA, FROM OBODOUKWU, IDEATO NORTH L.G.A, IMO STATE, NIGERIA. CURRENTLY A STUDENT AT UNIVERSITY OF CALABAR STUDYING POLITICS, ETHNICAL PHILOSOPHY. I WOULDN'T SAY MUCH. I BELIEVE IN STOICISM AND CYNICISM. AM A CHRISTIAN. AM A PHILOSOPHICAL POET. 0702209168. Emmanuel Ananukwa From IMO State, Grew Up In Port Harcourt, Nigeria. The Second Child Of Five, The Only Son Of Mr. Emeka John Ananukwa, And Mrs. Prosper Ananukwa, Emmanuel Was 12 Years Old When He Became A Computer Typist, Emmanuel Finished High School(Secondary) Gained Admission Into University Of Calabar, Studying Political Science, Philosophy And Business. Emmanuel Ananukwa One Of The Best Student In Philosophy, Embraced Plato Ideas On Poet Commentaries, On Politics, Emmanuel Ananukwa, Has Ma...
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  • To Hard To Be Victimize
    Am Too Late For Evil Occurrences,
    We Are Always One Step Away From Death Services,
    Therefore Don't Wait To Get. Victimized,
    Walk And One Step Away With A Plan B. ...
  • All Our Eyes Are Behind
    Your Being Famous, Is Not Your Chatting Skills,
    Invent Principles, Be Conscious In Very Aspect Of Sense,
    What Are The Disadvantage Of Everything First,
    Everyday You Spend, Opportunities Of Life You Kill, ...
  • Don't Dilute Foolish Talks
    Don't Dilute The Negative Speculations Of People,
    For Every Living Must Be Studied,
    Behavioral And Otherwise.
    Not All Philosophers give reasonable Theories, ...
  • Hiding From Nature.
    We All Love Our Destinies To Be Great,
    In fact No Speculations About Life,
    Long To Have Everything Too Good,
    To Get As Much Pleasures, Here On Earth. ...
  • Black Sheep Role
    Temporary Things To Fight For,
    Another Crime And He's Gone,
    Objectives Is Painful Pleasures,
    Is Sickness Involved In His Case, ...
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Good 5 Live 5 Great 5 Earth 3 Hard 3 Drink 3 Sweet 2 Negative 2 Wise 2 Pretty 2

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