Poetry Books by Emily Bronte

Emily Bronte Books, Emily Bronte poetry book The Annotated Wuthering Heights Authors: Emily Brontë
Publisher: Harvard University Press
Published Date: 2014-10-20
Categories: Fiction
An annotated version of the famous love story provides philosophical, historical, economic, political, and religious context to the author's words; unpacks allusions to other works of literature; and translates the thick Yorkshire dialect of some of the characters.

Emily Bronte Books, Emily Bronte poetry book Wuthering Heights Thrift Study Edition Authors: Emily Bronte
Publisher: Courier Corporation
Published Date: 2012-05-10
Categories: Fiction
Includes the unabridged text of Brontë's classic novel plus a complete study guide that features chapter-by-chapter summaries, explanations and discussions of the plot, question-and-answer sections, author biography, historical background, and more.

Emily Bronte Books, Emily Bronte poetry book Wuthering Heights and Agnes Grey Authors: Emily Brontë, Anne Brontë
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Published Date: 2013-01-03
Categories: Literary Criticism
Two classics of English literature, published together with poems and commentary in this revised 1851 edition prepared by Charlotte Brontë.

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