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For other people named Edward Taylor, see Edward Taylor (disambiguation). Edward Taylor (c.1642—June 29, 1729) was of English origin and a colonial American poet, pastor and physician. His work remained unpublished for some 200 years but since then has established him as one of the foremost writers of his time. His poetry has been characterized as "American Baroque" as well as Metaphysical.

Life The son of a nonconformist yeoman farmer, Taylor is thought to have been born in 1642 at Sketchley.[a], Leicestershire. There is conflicting evidence in regard to the dates and locations of events in his early life, but he grew up during the Commonwealth of England and under the ...
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Edward Taylor Poems

  • Preparatory Meditations - First Series: 29
    (John. 20:17. My Father, and your Father, to my God, and your God)

    My shattered fancy stole away from me
    (Wits run a-wooling over Eden's park) ...
  • The Joy If Church Fellowship Rightly Attended
    In heaven soaring up, I dropped an ear
    On earth: and Oh, sweet melody:
    And listening, found it was the saints who were
    Encroached for Heaven that sang for joy. ...
  • Preface To God's Determinations Touching His Elect
    Infinity, when all things it beheld
    In Nothing, and of Nothing all did build,
    Upon what base was fixed the lath wherein
    He turned this globe and rigalled it so trim? ...
  • Preparatory Meditations - Second Series: 146
    (Canticles 6:13. Return, oh Shulamite, Return, Return)

    My dear, dear Lord, I know not what to say:
    Speech is too coarse a web for me to clothe ...
  • The Wrong Way Home
    All night a door floated down the river.
    It tried to remember little incidents of pleasure
    from its former life, like the time the lovers
    leaned against it kissing for hours ...
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  • Edwardcwilde: edward taylor, meditation 39.5 (the purchase)
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  • Deloreana85: taylor told us, and sisters by colonel brandon leave town, but meet edward's affection for expense, no real state of willoughby's
  • Keepapitchinin: pastoral advice from presiding bishop edward hunter to president john taylor, 1878: “... hopeing all is well with you & concerns [?], & you reserve time to rest your body & mind ”
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