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Edmund Waller, FRS (3 March 1606 – 21 October 1687) was an English poet and politician who sat in the House of Commons at various times between 1624 and 1679.

Educated at Eton and King's College, Cambridge, Waller entered Parliament at a young age and was at first an active member of the opposition. In 1631 he married a London heiress who died in 1634. Later he became a Royalist during the political turmoil of the 1640s, and in 1643 was leader in a plot to seize London for Charles I. For this he was arrested, but escaped the death penalty by betraying his colleagues and by paying lavish bribes. Instead he was imprisoned, fined, and banished. He made his peace with the Commonwealth government in 1651, returned to England, and was restored to favour at the Restoration.
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Edmund Waller Poems

  • To One Married To An Old Man
    Since thou wouldst needs,
    Bewitched with some ill charms,
    Be buried in those monumental arms,
    All we can wish is, may that earth lie light ...
  • On The Friendship Betwixt Two Ladies
    Tell me, lovely, loving pair!
    Why so kind, and so severe?
    Why so careless of our care,
    Only to yourselves so dear? ...
  • To A Very Young Lady
    Why came I so untimely forth
    Into a world which, wanting thee,
    Could entertain us with no worth
    Or shadow of felicity? ...
  • The Story Of PhÅ?bus And Daphne, Applied
    Thyrsis, a youth of the inspired train,
    Fair Sacharissa lov'd, but lov'd in vain;
    Like PhÅ?bus sung the no less amorous boy;
    Like Daphne she, as lovely, and as coy; ...
  • To Phyllis
    Phyllis! why should we delay
    Pleasures shorter than the day?
    Can we (which we never can)
    Stretch our lives beyond their span, ...
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Love 15 I Love You 15 Time 11 Light 10 Heaven 10 Fate 9 Beauty 8 Sweet 8 Peace 7 World 7

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  • Jamesgray40: “all human things of dearest value hang on slender strings.” edmund waller
  • Jo_history: 'down to the mountains from the partial skies came juno, pallas, and the queen of love, to speak for that which was so justly given to the bright carlisle of the court of heaven.' edmund waller to lucy, countess of carlisle.
  • Davelineal: "small is the worth of beauty from the light retired; bid her come forth, suffer herself to be desired, and not blush so to be admired." -- edmund waller
  • Andrewsimpson41: andrew simpson: one friday night in edmund waller in the november ...
  • Justwordsdanin: vexed sailors cursed the rain, for which poor shepherds prayed in vain. edmund waller
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