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Edmund Waller, FRS (3 March 1606 – 21 October 1687) was an English poet and politician who was Member of Parliament for various constituencies between 1624 and 1687, and one of the longest serving members of the English House of Commons.

Son of a wealthy lawyer with extensive estates in Buckinghamshire, Waller first entered Parliament in 1624, although he played little part in the political struggles of the period prior to the First English Civil War in 1642. Unlike his relatives William and Hardress Waller, he was Royalist in sympathy and was accused in 1643 of organising a plot to seize London for Charles I. He allegedly escaped the death penalty by paying a large bribe, while several conspirators were executed, including his brother-in-law Nathaniel Tomkins.

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Edmund Waller Poems

  • To One Married To An Old Man
    Since thou wouldst needs,
    Bewitched with some ill charms,
    Be buried in those monumental arms,
    All we can wish is, may that earth lie light ...
  • On The Friendship Betwixt Two Ladies
    Tell me, lovely, loving pair!
    Why so kind, and so severe?
    Why so careless of our care,
    Only to yourselves so dear? ...
  • To A Very Young Lady
    Why came I so untimely forth
    Into a world which, wanting thee,
    Could entertain us with no worth
    Or shadow of felicity? ...
  • The Story Of PhÅ?bus And Daphne, Applied
    Thyrsis, a youth of the inspired train,
    Fair Sacharissa lov'd, but lov'd in vain;
    Like PhÅ?bus sung the no less amorous boy;
    Like Daphne she, as lovely, and as coy; ...
  • To Phyllis
    Phyllis! why should we delay
    Pleasures shorter than the day?
    Can we (which we never can)
    Stretch our lives beyond their span, ...
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Love 15 I Love You 15 Time 11 Light 10 Heaven 10 Fate 9 Beauty 8 Sweet 8 Peace 7 World 7

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Spindian500: stronger by weakness, wiser men become... - edmund waller bb16 trp king shiv
Spindian500: stronger by weakness, wiser men become... - edmund waller... bb16 trp king shiv
Boggsbeard27: "small is the worth/ of beauty from light retired" - edmund waller
__dontaskwhy__x: 'how small a part of time they share, that are so wondrous sweet and fair,' -edmund waller
Saysay29_: could we forbear dispute, and practise love, we should agree as angels do above. edmund waller kyji starmagical christmas
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