The Sorry Hostess Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


She said she was sorry the weather was badA
The night that she asked us to dineB
And she really appeared inexpressibly sadA
Because she had hoped 'twould be fineB
She was sorry to hear that my wife had a coldC
And she almost shed tears over thatD
And how sorry she was she most feelingly toldC
That the steam wasn't on in the flatD
She was sorry she hadn't asked others to comeE
She might just as well have had eightF
She said she was downcast and terribly glumE
Because her dear husband was lateF
She apologized then for the home she was inG
For the state of the rugs and the chairsH
For the children who made such a horrible dinG
And then for the squeak in the stairsH
When the dinner began she apologized twiceI
For the olives because they were smallJ
She was certain the celery too wasn't niceI
And the soup didn't suit her at allJ
She was sorry she couldn't get whitefish insteadK
Of the trout that the fishmonger sentL
But she hoped that we'd manage somehow to be fedK
Though her dinner was not what she meantL
She spoke her regrets for the salad and thenM
Explained she was really much hurtN
And begged both our pardons again and againM
For serving a skimpy dessertN
She was sorry for this and sorry for thatD
Though there really was nothing to blameO
But I thought to myself as I put on my hatD
Perhaps she is sorry we cameO

Edgar Albert Guest


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