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Adam86Valentine: Dirk Benedict’s sensual moustache

TheDirkBot: Dirk Benedict from Veristoblium is a content creator of the highest standard

Baseball_More: Never saw the movie Body Slam from the 80s, but how could you not watch it with Dirk Benedict, Tanya Roberts, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Captain Lou Albano and then add Charles Nelson Reilly and that little Billy Barty. The cameos by Flair, Blassie and Sammartino are icing

TheDirkBot: Dirk Benedict from Verytazium is impossibly good looking

JedadiahLeland: Currently watching Body Slam on Tubi. Starring Dirk Benedict, Tayna Roberts, and Roddy Piper and directd by Hal Needham. Doesn't get more 80s than this.

collegeradiobot: That was just HOMESHAKE and Dirk Benedict, who made eight tracks together

RCNY13: Musicals Edition… First Musical: Oklahoma w/Dirk Benedict as Curly Last Musical: Company Best Musical: Pippin Worst Musical: Matilda Loudest Musical: Rent Seen the Most: Les Miz Most Surprising: Hamilton Next Musical: Into the Woods (I Hope) Wish I Could Have Seen: Boy From Oz

TheDirkBot: Dirk Benedict from Veristablia is great, so you'd better put a ring on it

TheDirkBot: Dirk Benedict from Va Va Voom is editing a video

collegeradiobot: That was just a breakcore cover of a song by HOMESHAKE that Dirk Benedict did to benefit Chapo Trap House's Patreon

BestQuote85: I am very abnormal... But it wasn't very long ago that I wasn't so abnormal. I was very normal and headed for a lifetime of paying medical bills as proof of my normalcy. -Dirk Benedict -Medical

TheDirkBot: Dirk Benedict from Veritanglia is thinking of something that rhymes with orange

ScottMayBStoned: The only Starbucks I support are Katee Sackhoff and Dirk Benedict.

collegeradiobot: That was just Patti Smith and Dirk Benedict, who made three studio sessions together

TheDirkBot: Dirk Benedict from Versailles is not a vegetarian

EsotericaAgency: New artwork for sale! - "Dirk Benedict, TV Legend" -

TheDirkBot: Dirk Benedict from Va Va Voom is borrowing five bucks from his buddy

thief_pasta: For comparison for those of you who never saw the original Battlestar Galactica, this show came out when I was 6 and was one of my very favourite shows at the time. (It doesn't hold a candle to the new series, and Dirk Benedict would up being a jackass.)

TheDirkBot: Dirk Benedict from the Valley of Tazium is playing with a Hot Wheels toy car

TheDirkBot: Dirk Benedict from The Vatican is patting a puppy

KeithWasNotHere: Zork Grand Inquisitor (1997) (Adventure game) Michael McKean is the voice of someone stuck in a lantern. Marty Ingels a cowardly dragon & Dirk Benedict a fake adventurer. Also: Erick Avari, Amy D. Jacobson, Marty Ingels, Earl Boen, Jordana Capra, David Lander & Rip Taylor.

Ian64: Dirk Benedict had to negotiate to become a mountaineer. Every day he'd be involved in face-to-face talks.

collegeradiobot: That was just Flamingosis and Dirk Benedict, who made three good efforts together

Coolish_Breeze: Vote for Dirk Benedict!

GonzolovesBuffy: Me meeting Dirk "Faceman" Benedict. He was so amazing.

TFG1Mike: Tim Dunigan > Dirk Benedict Tim was only in S1 E1 of The A-Team as Faceman... And honestly that was for the best. Dirk is Faceman.

Dirk_McGinley: Benedict Arnold called, he said thanks for finally moving me to second place.

ad_I_am: Can you believe that Dirk Benedict wrote an autobiography and DIDN’T call it Face Book?

DixValStudios: New artwork for sale! - "Dirk Benedict" -

TheDirkBot: Dirk Benedict from Veratasiom is simply the best (better than all the rest)

RebootThese: Reboot Byker Grove as a hard to watch sentimental vlog series, with the rights owned by Dirk Benedict.

govtflu: Hey Twitter. Ive never asked for w RT, but my S/O is talented and hot af and gets no love from the pedophile asshole record companies. TBH she wont bend over them. She wrote this for movie W/ old shook with Dirk Benedict No money involved. Just check it.

cards_nons: 2004 The Complete Battlestar Galactica From Archives Costumes Dirk Benedict 3c7

TheDirkBot: Dirk Benedict from Vustitablio is showing potential

DrPopCultureBG: Dirk Benedict in the role of Lieutenant Columbo in a 2010 London production of the stage play "Prescription: Murder." The material was the basis for the long-running Peter Falk detective series "Columbo".

Destiny25251210: Guess which show The A-Team’s Dirk Benedict is in! I got 4 out of 10.

GeorgeVieto: Guess which show The A-Team’s Dirk Benedict is in! I got5 out of 10.

MeTV: Faceman showed his face all over TV, playing both heroes and villains. Can you guess what show The A-Team’s Dirk Benedict is in?

Thor_2000: Guess which show The A-Team’s Dirk Benedict is in! I got 7 out of 10.

Vague_Biscuit: Oh man, the first episode of the A Team on Amazon doesn't have Dirk Benedict

collegeradiobot: That was just a pop punk cover of a song by Harold Budd that Dirk Benedict did to benefit the RNC

RebootThese: Reboot The Young Ones as a harrowing crime franchise, which stars Dirk Benedict.

TheDirkBot: Dirk Benedict from Valle de Chalco is solving a Rubik's Cube in less than seven seconds

MeTV: The A-Team star took his stage name from a favorite breakfast dish!

80_wrestling: The movie Body Slam with Roddy Piper, Tonga Kid & Dirk Benedict is a sentimental favorite of mine while No Holds Barred with Hulk Hogan & Zeus is not. Both have some issues but have you seen either, neither or both & if both which film do you like more?

dth1971: Dirk Benedict survived cancer just before becoming ''Faceman''

ChrisagisBros: Here we are with two amazing iconic legends, Dirk Benedict the ultimate tv hero in shows like Battlestar Galactica and The A Team. He is the best... We are going to do an event with him soon. Second Tom Barringer, big feature film actor. Both very handsome still and so kind.

DBCdotCOM: Family obligations kept me off-line most of today, so let me say now that everyone associated with Dirk Benedict Central honors and remembers those who paid the ultimate price so that this nation could stay free, which is the purpose of Memorial Day. We salute you. -John

DraconisWing: Guys I'm still swooning over the fact that I MET DIRK BENEDICT!!! He's still oh so handsome and funny and sweet.

weirdkipedia: Sssssss (released as Ssssnake in the United Kingdom and Japan) is a 1973 American horror film starring Strother Martin, Dirk Benedict and Heather Menzies.[4] It was directed by Bernard L. Kowalski and written by Hal Dresner and Daniel C.

gameraboy1: Battlestar Galatica (1978), German A2 poster signed by Dirk Benedict

TheDirkBot: Dirk Benedict from the Vestibule is having a sleep in after a big night

RetroNewsNow: TV Guide Cover, March 10-16, 1984: George Peppard, Mr. T, Dirk Benedict and Dwight Schultz of ‘The A-Team’

blackbeltx21: Apparently, before going underground, Templeton Peck of the A-Team did a short stint as a police academy cadet and tried to off one of the Angels. This wasn't Dirk Benedict's only appearance in Charlie's Angels either.

galaxyconlive: Meet Dirk Benedict online on July 9th at 4pm ET with GalaxyCon Live! Find Out More:

outonbluesix: Bits In American Action Series Opening Titles You Always Looked Forward To: Dirk Benedict 'recognising' a Cylon in The A-Team, Jody's entrance in The Fall Guy, the speedboat chasing them down the street in Crazy Like A Fox.

thefoxnote: Movies are movies, television is television. movies, Dirk Benedict

jlulks: I love watching Murder, She Wrote for all the random guest stars. First it's Dirk Benedict and now it's Bill Maher. What a ride.

Horrorsmith: Made me appreciate just how good Dwight Schultz and Dirk Benedict were when they were allowed to lead the episodes.

IL0VEthe80s: The A-Team ran from 1983 to 1987 and starred George Peppard as Lieutenant Colonel John ‘Hannibal’ Smith, Dirk Benedict as Lieutenant Templeton Peck ‘Face’, Dwight Schultz as Captain H.M. "Howling Mad" Murdock and Laurence Tureaud ‘Mr T’ as Sergeant First Class B.A. Baracus.

TVandFilmExpert: The 80's : The A-Team 1983-1987. Starring George Peppard as John "Hannibal" Smith, Mr. T as B. A. (Bad Attitude) Baracus, Dirk Benedict as Templeton Peck, Dwight Schultz as "Howling Mad" Murdock and Melinda Culea as Amy Amanda Allen.

gmbmpw: OUT NOW! Our watch along of Body Slam! That’s right! We’re watching a movie!! Starring Dirk Benedict, Roddy Piper, Capt. Lou Albano, the Barbarian and many more! Check it out!

TheDirkBot: Dirk Benedict from the Internet's one and only Veristablium is the one and only

framefound: Dirk Benedict and John Stinson in Body Slam (1986)

TVandFilmStars: The A-Team, front row, Dwight Schultz, George Peppard, Eddie Velez, back row, Dirk Benedict, Mr. T, Judith Ledford and Robert Vaughn.

BigJDubz: Oh, I also said there would be a face reveal. I can reveal Face was played by Dirk Benedict

SimonWoods78: Dirk Benedict was a 'pretty-boy'' type and actually a FTM.

janetje33422351: 1978 Battlestar Galactica , Starbuck (Dirk Benedict), 7 tradin by JanetJcrafts

CryptoCronkite: I spoke to Face (Dirk Benedict) irl once I made a joke about an episode where he and BA shared a house and BA got mad because the milk was gone he did not remember and although nice enough seemed forced to be there this isn't a metaphor, but that was a sad day

newshqtoday: Richard Hatch: Dirk Benedict & Fans Mourn ‘Battlestar Galactica’ Star’s Passing: How devastating! Richard Hatch was…

collegeradiobot: In just a bit, we've got a song from a new thrash metal supergroup featuring Corbin Bernsen and Dirk Benedict

FubsyShabaroon: LITTLE KNOWN FACT: Actor Dirk Benedict took his stage name from the well-known breakfast dish Eggs Dirk.

lilithsaintcrow: Then I remarked how much he looked like a young Dirk Benedict and they both broke up in giggles. I was mystified until my inner 12yo surfaced and started to cackle as well. Christ, I’m old.

collegeradiobot: Right after this, a new band called Super Sloppy Senators, featuring Dirk Benedict on Audacity plugins.

TheDirkBot: Dirk Benedict from Vuratassium is gaining subscribers

tigerroarcouk: Just been watching the first episode of the A-Team. I had no idea that Dirk Benedict wasn't Face from the start.

Gex_the_Bot: This is like rearranging the furniture at Dirk Benedict's cottage!

RealPurrKayla: Dirk Benedict (Battlestar Galactica, A-Team) and I at Retro Expo!

ryanhide: This A-Team gag with Dirk Benedict was the funniest thing at the time because it was rare to see a show acknowledge an actor’s ties to another series or movie. Today you’re relieved when they don’t feel obligated to make the reference.

TheDirkBot: Dirk Benedict from Veristoblium is crossing the Atlantic in a small boat

collegeradiobot: Fun fact about that last rap project: it featured Dirk Benedict's estranged daughter on pedal steel guitar

KevinLehane: Dirk Benedict (Face from A-Team) said he had one in his house on Celeb Big Brother once as he had two sons and I thought -- you genius! I don't know why some balk at this. Most folk will have a bidet in their bathroom. An ass hose! I'm TeamChiles.

JonCovell: Read an interview years ago with Dirk "Face" Benedict where he said that he had urinals in his home. That's the first thing I think about when I think of him now

chopperfireball: The Equalizer 3 definitely needs a Queen Latifah cameo. Maybe a moment where Denzel spots her and does a double take. A bit like Dirk Benedict spotting a cylon in The A Team intro.

RomanAvery6: Sssssss/Serpent-Original Vintage Movie Poster of the Snake Changling Thriller with Strother Martin, Heather Menzies, and Dirk Benedict

EsotericaAgency: New artwork for sale! - "Dirk Benedict, TV Legend" -

TheOldManClub: Created by Glen A. Larson, the classic scifi TV show starred Lorne Greene, Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict.

HarryMudd1974: It’s true, we’re all gonna be snakes, just like Dirk Benedict below. (deep cut jokes few.)

classic_film: Star Heather Menzies Urich told me this about the Logan's Run series: "I went to the audition and then screen tested with a few potential Logans. Nicholas Hammond (her Sound of Music co-star) and Dirk Benedict were in the running."

botthistweet: I write from my imagination, not from what I've read in books or seen on TV or to make money. I wrote from an idea I was passionate about. ~Dirk Benedict

jaydeflix: A Righteous Gemstones/Justified cross-over that's just a remake of the Dirk Benedict/Cylon clip from the A-Team opening with Boyd and Uncle Baby Billy.

GlennTurner2: Many were pleasant but Adam West was wonderful Dirk Benedict spent quite a while talking to me and was very friendly James Remar was fantastic, you could tell he really cared about each interaction

Caulimovirus: Very much intrigued by Dirk Benedict’s wiki page that makes one passing statement on his activities as a philosopher and then never mentions it again.

yellowpackjim: A Londoner greeting Dirk “Face” Benedict

Ryan_Duncan: Dirk Benedict is both handsome and charming but he's also a snappy dresser.

thatgirlmari: Dirk Benedict is at my college

collegeradiobot: We just heard Dirk Benedict with an unconventional rap metal cover of Incubus' 'Drive'

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